Are you a man who respects women properly?

Properly addressing women

Addressing a woman
There are polite ways a woman can appreciate. One way is to say, “You are so beautiful.” But saying “you are so sexy” is not polite! That is why it is important to be careful not to use abusive language when addressing a woman.

Respecting her opinion

In a romantic relationship or other job or professional relationship, some men think that because they are a man, their opinion is correct and that a woman should like everything they propose. As a result, no matter how important and valuable an opinion a woman holds, there are times when it is rejected. Similarly, all decisions are made by men, including in a relationship. Even when it comes to sex, a man’s tastes are forcibly imposed on a woman. This is very wrong. A real man should listen to a woman’s opinions and give her freedom without forcing her to do things she does not like!

Helping her pursue her dreams

Supporting to achieve her dream
Some men do not want their wives, sisters, or girlfriends to work. And some men don’t like to work in any field she likes if she has a hobby. They are trying to confine women to the house. We also see it as a kind of disrespect to women. Today, women are just as advanced as men in any field. It is not up to a man who respects women to break their dreams and turn them into a corner of the house but to encourage them to pursue their dreams. All they have to do is identify her strengths and abilities and help her make her dream come true.

Giving due Respect to her loved ones

Giving due Respect to her loved ones
Giving your spouse the respect he or she deserves, as well as caring for her family and friends, is another kind of self-respect. In any society, some people do not like us that much. That’s normal. But it is a good quality for a man who respects women to at least make sure that he does what is right in a way that does not offend his loved ones. This is not to say that you should be submissive or submissive to anyone, but that you should try to maintain respect for her and yours while remaining friendly.

Giving confidence

This is something a woman would highly expect. That is, having a partner who trusts her. This confidence could be about her abilities, it could be about the freedom of her life. Whatever it is, if you trust her, she will be very happy because of it. Everything in life then she is tempted to share with you. There are plenty of opportunities in our society for women to suffer because of men who are often suspicious. This mistrust can also lead to broken relationships. So it is important to convince her that she deserves your trust whenever possible, without mistrusting her irrationally.


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