Is the Great Pyramid of Giza an Ancient Power Plant
Ancient civilizations seem to be reviving with the advancement of science, as with the advancement of technology, man has begun to explore something more readable through history and archeology.
The discovery of the Great Pyramid of Giza, the largest pyramid in the world, has led to speculation around the world that the Great Pyramid was designed as a power plant to power ancient Egypt.
In 1872, archaeologists discovered a narrow tunnel inside the Great Pyramid, which was initially thought to have been designed to provide ventilation to the pyramid.But then came to another view of these holes and the stars in the sky being linear.
The latest theory about these small tunnels is that they may have been used as an air carrier for power generation.
To confirm this view, a team of scientists and researchers sent a tiny remote-controlled robotic craft with a micro-camera into the tunnel.
There it was discovered that one end of the tunnel ended up with a deformed copper gate. There was a question as to why a tunnel designed for ventilation would end so abruptly with a copper door.
Did mankind have the technology to generate electricity thousands of years ago? The idea first arose from an unusual device depicted in various carvings in the pyramids.

 In one of the paintings, there was a man holding something like a large bulb in his hand.

It’s a large cathode ray tube or an object that emits some light, because of the reactive part in the center. In addition, there are drawings in the pyramids depicting the use of wireless electronic media or something like electromagnetism.
These are not easy to lift hundreds of feet. Some researchers believe that some crane-like machinery was used. In 1938, evidence was discovered that the ancient Iranians knew about battery technology.
These small cylindrical structures, more than 2000 years old, are thought to have been used as stem cells in clay pots. These are called Bagdag batteries.
The outer covering of the pyramids is made of limestone and a layer of plaster on top as an insulator. It has been confirmed that this outer shell does not contain magnesium. Research has shown that granites in the pyramids conduct electricity.
The researchers also point out that charged electric currents are generated from an underground waterway system.Researchers have shown that the Great Pyramid is a model similar to a giant battery, and researchers are still doing more research. But there are many places in the pyramid that do not have the approval of the Egyptian government to inspect.
Some have become accustomed to giving aliens the full right to all the unbelievable creations of history. This is because we have instilled in our minds that human beings are inferior and helpless.
However, there is a connection between the Anunnaki and the construction of the pyramids, as well as several other theories about the pyramids.


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