3 Ways to Improve Critical Thinking Skills
This Critical Thinking is one of the most talked-about stories these days. What does this really mean? Critical thinking is the ability to think clearly and logically. Being able to understand the logical relationship between ideas. For example, let’s say you are doing a project with your team in the office. Now we have to make a decision in this regard. Then a person who thinks normally will either make a decision based on what he sees or not. But what a Critical Thinker does is gather all the information, facts, and factors that influence this decision. And then analyzing the collected data. Then making a decision using the knowledge gained from that analysis.

Let’s get a broad knowledge

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Critical thinking is needed not only in professional life. A person with really good Critical Thinking ability can get better results in their personal life, even in relationships, and make more successful decisions. That’s why it’s worthwhile to find out a few things that can be useful to become a Critical Thinker.

2. Ask basic questions

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Too often people think that the questions asked by someone with knowledge should be extremely serious. Not really. To be a better Critical Thinker, the questions you ask should be simpler and more basic. It should be as simple as anyone can understand. By asking such simple questions, one can get to the root of a problem. “What do you know about this issue so far?”, “How did you know that?”, “What do we need to prove here?”, “What do we miss here?” From questions like, can really go a long way.

2.We abandon the assumption

Most of the ordinary people in this world are making assumptions. This means that if there is a garbage bag in our garden that does not know where it came from, it is assumed that the man next door must have put it all at once. But the basis for such an assumption is that the man next door can easily put it on the other side. But a really critical thinker never goes into mere assumptions. The reason is that an assumption is more likely to be wrong. That is why a Critical Thinker questions even the assumptions that come to his mind regarding a particular problem.

4. Think behind the question

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Now when we go to solve a problem we can get stuck. There are plenty of such opportunities. Then one of the things a Critical Thinker can do is think about the problem until it goes back. Remember that egg and chicken story? Actually, it sounds like a joke, but it can actually be taken as a Critical Thinking Question. There must be a hen to lay an egg, and a hen must have an egg to come. But if a Critical Thinker is armed with the knowledge we mentioned earlier, we can understand that the chicken egg actually comes first. Because the first chicken egg lays two non-chicken but chicken-like proto-chicken. But if we go back, we can go back to the old soup where life came into being. Somehow there is something else here. Thinking behind the problem when we are stuck means that we get a good idea and knowledge of the process by which the problem evolved and developed, and the key to solving the problem beyond that stuck point may be there.

5. Weigh the evidence and learn from it

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What really matters to us in Critical Thinking is the evidence we have now or the evidence we have encountered on a similar occasion before. It is true to say that this is learning from history. We should be able to analyze the evidence at hand with our prior experience. At the same time, we need to ask the question of who collected this evidence, how it was collected, and why. That way we can see how accurate the evidence is.

6. Practice active listening

How many people today are listening to exactly what it is? Reading until something is over? That’s really important to be a Critical Thinker. Active listening here means listening with full attention to something. The same is true of reading. It needs full attention. Also, it doesn’t matter if you take notes while doing this active listening or active reading. Because, no matter how much photographic memory he has, it is the habit of a critical thinker to write things down and keep them. Then even if they miss something in their memory, they will not miss the notebook!

8. Be aware of your own mental process

You need to understand what you need to focus on.
People who think they are critical thinkers often criticize everything they hear and see in public. But really a Critical Thinker is more inclined towards his inner heart. In fact, a Critical Thinker is more conscious of his own self-image. In other words, a Critical Thinker tries to think about his mental process and become aware of it. That is, when you think about a problem, you begin to think and find out where you can unknowingly be loyal, where you can unknowingly ignore it. That way, the Critical Thinker will be able to identify the places where he can have an undue influence on his decision.


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