Is megalodon beast still alive?
Megalodon is considered to be the evilest predator ever to live on Earth. However, is Megalodon still alive today? The word Megalodon means big teeth. This is the name given to the fact that Megalodon’s teeth are usually 5-7 inches long. Megalodon, which lived during the ancient Pliocene era, was 18m long and weighed 60,000 kg, (three times as large as the T-Rex!).
Scientists believe that a major supernatural change caused by a supernova explosion that struck the Earth in the ancient Pliocene 2.6 million years ago led to the extinction of a large number of marine life, including megalodons. However, there are about 200 reports of sharks such as megalodon from different parts of the world. However, many of these are fake or designed to attract the attention of tourists, but some of them are a bit weird and I will summarize some of them.

Brazilian monster shark

November 20, 2012, A Brazilian rescue team launches a deep-sea operation to rescue a man from a helicopter. The operation was successfully completed and a day later the camera footage of the helicopter was analyzed. At the time, the camera footage showed a record of a huge fish. There are no whales in the area, and the body shape suggests that it is a shark, but this shark is unusually large. The shark, which is about 60 feet long, is thought to be an extinct megalodon

The incredible attack in Hawaii

On January 21, 2009, The body of a large beach whale with no back fins is dumped off the coast of Hawaii. This whale is about 75 feet long and large. In general, only large white sharks are rarely going to attack such whales, but that whale’s wing was cut off with a single sharp bite. This cannot be done by a single great white shark, nor can it be done by a herd of great white sharks. This was because it had been severed by only a single blow. Marine analysts say that this is most likely an accident caused by a Ship Propeller. If it were not so, Megalodon would be the only creature on earth that could carry out such a powerful attack.
Carcharocles megalodon tooth
Tomleetaiwan, CC0, via Wikimedia Commons.

Mysteries death of Lloyd Skinner

January 13, 2010, Lloyd skinner, a Zimbabwean, accidentally falls prey to a shark off the coast of Cape Town, South Africa. No part of his body could found. The Coast Guard says the area is home to great white sharks, and that he was attacked by a great white shark. But eyewitnesses say the attack was carried out by a larger shark. “It’s like a submarine, longer than a big bus, very fast. Once the whole sea turned red, he disappeared into the water.” Eyewitnesses said. That is very similar in size and shape to the megalodon. The other question is whether it is practical for a great white shark to be able to swallow a whole human being without leaving any trace.
Megalodon skeleton
Dr. Alton C. Dooley, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Marinara trench monster

October 4, 2016, A huge shark appears in a video taken in the Mariana at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean. This creature appears to be a shark with a large body over 60 feet long and is also nicknamed the Mariana trench monster. Although some believe that this is an extinct megalodon, marine researchers say it is a sleeper shark endemic to the Pacific Ocean. These sharks have been found to sometimes grow as large as 50 feet. Now let’s find out if the truth about this is untrue. Is Megalodon still alive? Isn’t it?
2016 megalodon
Sergiodlarosa, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons


Many oceanographers and scientists believe that the megalodon is no more. They say that whale sharks are often mistaken for megalodons. They say that many people are misled by the fact that adult whale sharks are almost identical in size to megalodons. Megalodon is a formidable predator and there is currently no one on earth who can challenge Megalodon. Therefore, their population may not be stopped from increasing to any extent. The other is that it is impractical for this animal, which is more than 60 feet long, to ever hide from humans. Also, Megalodon needs more than 2,500 pounds of fresh fish a day, and it’s another idea that if such an organism survives, it should appear in the study of food chain patterns and elemental flow patterns. Also, shark species such as the great white shark and Megalodon have tooth loss and replacement throughout their lives. Megalodon, which has a mouth with 250 teeth in five rows, we must also found these lost teeth. but every tooth found is over 2 million years old.


Only about 25% of the oceans have been studied by humans, and some believe that megalodons still live in the dark and deep-sea that the human eye has not encountered. In 2006, a Japanese ocean exploration team discovered that giant squid, about 60 feet long, lived in the ocean. Thus, this giant creature has may be able to hide from humans for hundreds of years. Similarly, they think that Megalodon can hide from humans. Megalodon also adapted to changes in the Earth’s ecosystem, with some suggesting that they adapted to living by diving into the deep ocean floor. Some say that it is not difficult for a megalodon to hide because the ocean is so vast, and those large creatures we do not know can dwell in deep ocean systems such as the Mariana. However, even if a government finds out that Megalodon is alive, it can never be said that it will tell the world about it. Because such news could cause a great uproar among the common people. Did Megalodon, however, become extinct millions of years ago? Or does Moen live in a dark ocean that still does not catch the human eye? Is this ancient deadly predator behind the strange phenomena that the world occasionally hears? The ocean is a place where man has a great deal more to discover. One day man will have a complete understanding of the ocean. On that day it will also be possible to know whether Megalodon is still alive on earth or not. But whether or not this ancient monster still lives today remains a mystery.

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