What is Telepathy and how to develop Telepathic Powers
“Telepathy” a wonderful place for communication “When I remember you, you remember me too.” “I was just trying to get a call from you … you’re just calling me.” “How do you say what I think … how do you say what I mean?” Have you ever felt, or have you told these things to someone else? At times you may think to yourself, How did that happen? Maybe you talked about it with your other party.

How exactly does that happen?

Telepathy is a beautiful topic that many people experience or exchange thoughts with the mind. Telepathy is the technology of expanding the horizons of communication through communication. Researchers say that even if they are miles apart, such communication will inevitably revolutionize future communications.

What is happening here is a direct transmission of thoughts from one brain to another.

Researchers are still working to develop this type of communication between people only through emotional waves, as this is a unique opportunity to engage in free communication without any physical barriers.
This communication often works when two people are in love. Maybe you have experienced that too. The ability to keep love strong by communicating thoughts and feelings also takes place through “telepathy” communication.
As you read this article, you will learn some of the steps you can take to begin the process of telepathic communication.

Sender and receiver

There must be a sender as well as a receiver in training this communication method. When thoughts are transmitted, one must also be present to receive those transmitted thoughts. I have found that you should always think of yourself as a sender without confusing whether you are a sender or a receiver.


We need to have 100% confidence in this mind-blowing communication. Not only the sender but also the recipient needs to have confidence in this telepathic communication.

Physical relaxation

The physical relaxation of the sender and the recipient is essential for the successful telepathy communication. Having positive health is very important and this cannot be practiced when you are sick.

Mental relaxation

You need to get rid of unwanted thoughts from your mind and keep your mind focused. You need to keep in mind only your thoughts about your goals and only your partner, the recipient of the message. Good results can be obtained by exchanging messages while keeping the mind calm in a quiet environment.

Must be imagined

Before starting the transmission, follow the previous steps carefully and close your eyes and imagine a picture of your partner talking to him on the phone with the maximum energy of your mind.


Follow the steps above and send your message to your assistant. Don’t bother to do it. You can do communication be as easy as talking on the phone.

How to stop

The time to stop texting comes the moment when you feel strongly that you have transmitted thoughts. It can take up to 15 minutes. After that, the transmission has to be stopped.
By repeating and practicing these steps, you will be able to communicate with your loved ones mentally. It has been concluded that those who have developed this further, that is, those who have developed the mind through meditation, will be able to read the minds of others.
Many people think this is a joke, but no doubt you’ve ever an experience where someone close to you, who you like and love, acts according to your thoughts when you think about it. It is to be believed that this too happened through this telepathic communication.


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