How to love someone psychologically
Are you in love too? Or have you not yet expressed your love? Studies have shown that it is possible to understand one’s mood and fall in love accordingly. So try these psychological tricks to make your new year love a success.

Eye contacts

Harvard psychologist Zik Rubin has been studying how to understand and measure love. Here a couple examined the duration and frequency of looking into each other’s eyes. Just as a couple who are deeply in love look at each other 75% of the time during their conversation, they find that in a normal conversation only 30% to 60% of the time people look at each other. Thus a couple maintains long-term eye contact in their nervous system It produces a hormone called phenytoin, which strengthens the affair.

Do not hide anything about yourself

People who are open and honest are more likely to strengthen a romantic relationship. According to a study by a team of scientists at Harvard Business School, 79% of people who are open and honest on the first day have a preference. By keeping the secrets open, the relationship between the two will be strengthened to a high level. Then the relevant party will start thinking of you as a trustworthy person.

Keep a secret language between the two

When it comes to love, you really have your own language/behavior. It differs from one another in those feelings and actions. Build a love language of your own. Use it in any aftermath like messages/calls/expressions that take place between the two of you. It helps to make the bond between the two interesting. That means every MOMENT is very refreshing. A team of scientists at the University of Texas found that the connection became stronger and closer by this method. Just as these little secrets should be limited to just the couple, this secret language helps to understand each other.

The size of the pupil

Researchers from the ’70s have found that there is a strong link between the growth of pupil and their attractiveness. So we can practically apply this PSYCHOLOGICAL theory and make our relationship successful. Instead of lights, you can choose candlelight, instead of a crowded restaurant, a place with a quiet atmosphere. We can use this psychological theory to make every romantic encounter beautiful.

Maintain a positive association

Always evaluate your girlfriend/boyfriend. Appreciate even his / her little things. If he/she has a little ability, give value to that matter. Here, your association with this matter becomes very positive. By appreciating your spouse in this way, they will begin to feel that they are valuable people. This is one of the most important factors in a successful relationship. I wish you all the best in your new year and to continue your relationship without violating the trust of both of you.


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