Usually, someone in their 70s had about 150,000 dreams. Meanwhile, it is said that a person has at least 24 nightmares a year. But most of the dreams have things to do with our daily lives. Go to the market to buy goods. Go to a party with a friend. A tooth escaping. Go to the bar and drink. Drown in the river. Flying in the sky. Surveys show that most of the dreams we see are violent or harmful. 47% of dreams of men and 44% of dreams of women are related to violence.
When talking about dreams, We cannot forget the psychologist Sigman Proid. Sigman Proid was the first scientist to study and present a large number of dreams to the world. Proid said, “Dreams are the royal road to the unconscious mind.”
Let us see how Proid interpreted dreams. According to Proid, our minds are divided into three parts. According to Freud, the super-ego, the middle mind (Ego), and the subconscious mind (Id) are the largest part of our minds. Sigmund Freud said that our violent thoughts, sexual desires, and greed for power are all hidden in this subconscious. He likened it to a floating iceberg in the Atlantic Ocean. You all know that the Titanic was wrecked by this submarine iceberg. The size of the iceberg under the sea is enormous. It does not lookup. According to Proid, so is the subconscious.
At first glance, we may not see the subconscious. Freud said of dreams. Dreams are a way of satisfying our subconscious desires. Because if those desires come to mind immediately, it is a threat to us at first glance. According to Freud, dreams do not show our true desire. There is something completely different in the dream. He said that the truth or reality of the dreams we see is hidden in their symbols.
Let us see this by example. Let’s assume he’s Jake. Jake is 18 years old. Jake has been in love with Naomi for 2 years now. Jake has a desire to have sex with Naomi. But Naomi denied this. Due to this issue, there was a slight disagreement between the two. Nimal, who approached us with this problem, described a dream he often had. He said. “I often dream that I have two wings and that it flies freely in the sky. It gives me a lot of joy and relief”. According to Sigmund Proid, flying in the sky is a “sign” of hidden sexual desire. Proid said that this dream would reduce the stress of not allowing his girlfriend to have sex.
Freud’s view of dreams is somewhat confirmed by PET scan. That is, we see many of these dreams during R.E.M (rapidly moving eyes) sleep. Here the emotional centers of the brain are awakened and the centers of intelligence and reason are closed. These scans have shown that in such a situation, hidden desires, feelings and fears can be awakened and turned into uncontrollable dreams.
Contrary to Proid’s view of dreams, another view is that dreams are “a natural ability inherited from evolution to protect us.” (Dreams for Survival Theory) In animal evolution, they had a small brain. Anthropologists believe that this little brain was not enough to solve the problems of everyday life while these animals were awake. Therefore, this theory states that the memory circuits needed to carry life during waking hours are created in dreams.
Alan Hobson is another psychologist who has exposed the world to modern psychological ideas about dreams. He is a professor at Harvard University. According to him, dreams are caused by the generation of electrical energy in the brain. This energy is generated during our R.E.M (rapid eye movement) sleep.
According to Hobson, modern interpretations of dreams are as follows. Maybe dreams have no logical basis. Hobson said the strongest emotional tensions we have are hidden in these. Because these dreams are mixed with very powerful emotions, they often feel like real events to us. But in ordinary life, those false and absurd events are denied. Example: Fear of a serious accident while traveling today. You think the reason is the bad weather. But your mind says that such an accident will not happen. So you are going on your journey without fear.
95% of dreams we do not remember. This is due to a decrease in the chemical serotonin and an increase in the chemical acetylcholine. As a result, many dreams are not stored properly and are lost in memory. According to Hobson, many of our dreams are those that occur with the stimulation of the limbic system of the brain, and are often absurd and therefore unrealistic.


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