“eco-friendly bricks”
Today, polythene and plastic have become a human-made plague. Plastic is a terrible environmental problem that does not stop at just endangering your life. The plastic particles in ocean water have a lethal effect on the biological processes of all marine life. On land, polythene and plastic waste pose a mortal threat to the lives of all living things, from elephants to ants.

But did you know that there is one simple process you can do to save the environment? From the new year 2021 until the day when plastics and polythene will remove from the ecosystem from the world, there is a minimum level of service you can do for the environment. That is, to stop the release of polythene and plastics into the environment, and to start simple eco – friendly projects using “EcoBricks” to recycle those polythene and plastics in a beneficial way.

What is this “Eco-bricks”?

Eco-bricks is a type of “brick” that can be used for construction, packaging non-recyclable polythene and plastic waste in plastic bottles. EcoBreaks can be used for any type of construction and you can use it creatively in any way you want.
As a responsible citizen, you should completely stop using polythene and plastic whenever possible. Eco-bricks will enable you to minimize the pollution, that polythene and plastic, which are used for unavoidable reasons.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of using Eco-bricks?

Why use Eco-bricks? The pros and cons of using these can be listed as follows.

Advantages of using Eco-bricks

  • No production costs.
  • Can be reused.
  • Can be made very easily.
  • It is very light in weight and strong.
  • Can be used creatively for many constructions.
  • More importantly, polythene and plastic prevent free movement into the natural environment.

Disadvantages of using Eco bricks

  • Made of plastic and polythene, it does not decompose.
  • In case of any kind of melting or decay, they may not be safe due to the toxic gases and chemicals that can be released from them.
  • Destruction of constructions can cause great environmental damage at once.
  • The use of polythene and plastic may have the potential to change the attitudes (about the environmental pollution from plastic) that will expect to develop in the human community.

What are the materials needed to make eco-bricks?

The manufacture of eco-bricks can be done very easily. But here is a very important point you need to consider. That is, it identifies what materials you can and cannot use to make eco-bricks. Here you can use any type of Polyethylene Terephthalate bottles or PET bottles (most soft drinks contain these bottles). The bottles you choose must be washed, cleaned, and then thoroughly dried. You should also make sure that the polythene and plastic waste used for this are thoroughly washed, dried, and non-recyclable waste. Under no circumstances should recyclable or perishable polythene or plastic or any other waste be used in the manufacture of eco-bricks. Also, it is very important to seal the eco-bricks that are made very well. Also, the thickness of each brick must be between 0.33g / ml and less than 0.70g / ml, and the weight of each brick must be noted on the surface so that it does not fade. There are several important reasons why the above points should be followed correctly.
  • The water vapor in the Eco-Bricks you make tends to create fungi, toxic gases or toxic chemicals in them.
  • If the decomposing waste remains in the unwashed plastics, the material may rot.
  • The stability and strength of your construction can be lost over time due to the decay of the material contained in the Eco-Bricks.
  • Moisture and improper sealing can cause the bricks you make to explode due to the gases that form in the Eco-Bricks.

What are the uses of acrobatics?

Many things can be produced using properly made eco-bricks. Indoor tables, chairs, and playrooms, as well as outdoor benches, tree-lined walls, landscaped walls, and playgrounds for children, as well as low-cost countries such as South Africa, the Philippines, Malaysia, and the United States.Eco-bricks is ​​also used to build comfortable, sturdy homes. Also, you can find many creative uses of ecobriques online.


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