Narcissistic Personality Disorder
Self-boasting Narcissistic Personality Disorder Impairment of personality development I can not accept that you are always right. Think about my opinion. It is not the nature of the world for us all to hold the same opinion. Just because one person is never right. People with personality development disabilities are not able to face challenges. Also, people with intellectual disabilities are not able to think analytically in this way. They unanimously declare themselves always right and it is very difficult to change their opinion. “I know what’s right”, and always trying to convince that he can never change the way he thinking. But we should not be angry at the decision of such a person and recognize it as a weakness of the other.
Be proud

Has psychiatry scientifically identified such conditions?

This condition is called Narcissistic Personality Disorder. This is a personality development disability. Such people think too highly of themselves. They do not tolerate criticism from others. If they are criticized or have a different opinion, they immediately get angry. They are then tempted to insult the other by killing the other’s characters. This condition is most common in men.

Do these people overestimate themselves?

Such people have no respect for other opinions. He always brags about himself that he is always right. Can such people be treated? The main problem here is not that they do not admit that they have a problem. This is recognized by those around the person concerned. Those at the top of society may also be affected by this situation. For such reasons, those around them may not criticize such people who are in a higher position than they are. But there are opportunities for them to seek psychological treatment.
Remedies are provided by Psychoanalytic Therapies, Behavioral Therapies, and Reproductive Behavior Therapies. The mother of a family may be particularly affected by such problems. This may be due to her unconditional love for her children and her husband. But in such cases, both the husband and the wife need to seek treatment.
If a person has very few of these problems, it means that have to improve their quality of personality. These include going to psychiatric clinics, enhancing one’s knowledge through the use of books, and self-awareness to overcome one’s weaknesses, improve one’s skills and lead a successful life.


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