There are plenty of books available for anyone studying psychology. But there are very few things that teach us how to apply psychology to our lives. That is why the 8 points mentioned in this article will be very important to you. I am sure that this Tricks 8 in Psychology will also help you to face the daily problems in your life.

1.If you want to embarrass someone while talking, look directly at that person’s forehead.

When you look at that person’s forehead for a while, they feel like someone is peeking at him or her. Whichever way you use this trick, this is a very good psychological tactic.

2.If someone does not answer a question you ask, look directly into the person’s eyes for a moment.

They are embarrassed by this. So they not only answer your question quickly but also keep talking to you. Not only that, after doing so, they will answer your question beyond the required answer.
And if someone is lying in front of you, he or she will automatically become agitated and begin to tell the truth when you directly look at the person’s eye.

3.If you want to make friends with someone at your place of work when you talk to that person, ask, “Do you know this?” about something.

Ask him or her about something “Can you explain this to me?” Even if they don’t know it, he or she will start befriending you. You may have a somewhat misunderstanding of this tactic. This simply means sharing what you know and what you do not know with the person you want.

4.If you expect a “yes” answer from someone, shake your head up and down (body language for “yes”) while you submit the relevant request or question. This tactic is used by many waiters. According to psychology, when you ask a question, you can shake your head and ask the question and you will get the answer you want.

5.When someone is in a very busy phone conversation,

you can easily take what is in their hand. This tactic is for emergency use only and not for theft. And this tactic can be done in the opposite way. That is, when someone is in a telephone conversation, you can give anything to him or her.

6.When you assign a task to someone,

Do not say, “Do this job.” Tell him to “start with this”. Doing so will eliminate that person’s boredom and make him do the work with mental enthusiasm. Because then he feels like he has a little work to do.

7.If you feel that someone is peeking at you when you are somewhere,

all you have to do is look directly at the person’s shoes. It makes that person uncomfortable and stops peeking at you.

8.If you can’t sleep well one night,

all you have to do the next day is always think you slept well. Although this may seem a bit crazy, psychologically this trick has been shown to give you the desired result.
If You may not be sure about this tactic. You can try this tactic from tomorrow. Well- known psychologists have found that these tactics are 100% effective. Because psychology is a science that is directly related to our mind.


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