6 ways that people killing sea and beach
Human activities have a massive impact on oceans all over the world. Due to human activities, oceans are becoming more and more damaged. Out of all consequences, beaches’ main three impacts are increasing the pollution level, marine life, and erosion rates—some oceans and beaches damage due to seaweeds such as Sargassum. But most of the time, beaches are damaged due to human activities. Past studies have found that 40% of damages have been caused by human activities.

How do tourism harm oceans and beaches?

Coral reefs are damaged due to contacts such as touching, kicking and walking. Another way of damaging the coral reefs from boat anchors. Diving and snorkeling cause damages to the coral reefs as well. Significant damages are caused to the coral reefs by less experienced divers. Larger ship anchors make heavy damages to the coral reefs. Another way of damaging the ocean is by using sun protection products. Annually 14000 tons of non-biodegradable products and skincare products end up in the oceans.

How do the oceans and beaches are polluted?

Mainly, seas and beaches are polluted due to rubbish, oil, chemicals and sewage from toilets. We can minimize the pollution and waste the ships dispose of in the oceans by reducing food demand overseas. Every year, tons of plastic rubbish reach the oceans due to human activities. These plastics do not completely degrade at all. They break into small parts gradually. Sometimes, the naked eye cannot see this pollution, but it causes a massive impact on marine lives.

The human contribution to beach erosion

Due to the beach erosion, the loss of beach sand occurs. Usually, this happens due to natural causes, but human activities make it worse. Coastal construction can damage dunes, which are dunes that separate the lower ocean and higher elevations. The dune grassroots help consolidate the sand in the area and prevent the water from moving too deep inland. If those plants are damaged, the mounds may be washed away. People sometimes build walls called jets that stick to the sea and change the flow of sand. If left unmanaged, they can be left astray and lose the right path.

How Human Activities harm affect marine life?

Overfishing is the practice of taking fish from the sea at a very high rate. People should follow the best fishing practices to save marine lives and the ecosystem. Another harmful activity is ocean acidification. Human activities make a huge impact on the level of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. When these chemicals fall into the water bodies, it affects harmfully for marine life. Disposal of industrial wastes such as chemicals and hot water is ordinary in our country today. The water temperature is much higher than that of the oceans or seas, affecting the oceans’ natural balance.

Final thoughts:

Abnormal and massive impacts of sea and beaches change its ecosystems beyond their natural state. Due to strange human activities, it is not easy to maintain clean water and natural beauty. Human activities adversely affect, and human beings should be more responsible for protecting the oceans.


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