Saran wrap ball game
Christmas is an annual festival celebrated with great joy and zeal. It is celebrated by people from different communities across the globe. Unfortunately, Covid 19 pandemic has impacted Christmas festivities globally. This time, it will not be a typical Christmas due to the pandemic situation. Due to the pandemic situation, you are not allowed for large gatherings. But during this critical period, you need to look after both your mental and physical health.

The difference at Christmas this year than ever before

The difference at Christmas this year than ever before
This year Christmas will feel different for every one of us. The best way to celebrate Christmas this year is with our family members. It is the safest way, and it will keep your loved ones safe. This time Christmas parties are conducted via zoom and they have become virtual parties. As large gatherings are cancelled, you have time to spend with your family. You can decorate a Christmas tree; make delicious Christmas food with your kids and parents. Even though all concerts have cancelled or postponed due to the pandemic situation, you will still be able to listen to your holiday music via the computer or mobile phone.

How is the Saran wrap ball game played?

How is the Saran wrap ball game played?
Saran wrap ball is a popular game played during Christmas. Saran wrap ball is made out of a plastic wrap and different gift items. The challenge is to unwrap the gifts from a large ball of saran wrap. The saran wrap’s outer layers should be inexpensive and save the most expensive gifts for the saran wrap ball’s center. You can select gifts according to the age of the participants.

Usually, this saran wrap consists of edible treats such as candies, toys, Christmas jewelry, gift cards, and money. Before starting the game, gather in a circle and decide who will hold the ball first. To determine that you can pick lots. After selecting the first person, have to roll the pair of dices. The ultimate goal is to move a set of two matching numbers to pass the ball. The ball holder has to unwrap the layers as much as possible while the next person gets a set of matching numbers.

Health rules regarding saran wrap ball

Covid 19 pandemic situation has impacted a lot and changed the festive period for many people worldwide. People have to follow the rules and regulations to prevent covid 19. Even though this is an uncertain and worrying time, you need to look after your physical and mental health. To look after your mental wellbeing, you can play such games like saran wrap ball with your family members. But the most important thing is minimizing large gatherings. In most countries, residents will only be allowed to celebrate Christmas with family members. Therefore, it is better to stay home & enjoy Christmas with your own family.

Final thoughts:

Covid 19 situation has an enormous impact on the festive period. To maintain good mental wellbeing, you can spend time with your household people and play games such as Saran wrap ball. It will help you to avoid stressful conditions during this critical period.


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