5 Unusual and wonderful Christmas Traditions From Around The World
Even during World War II, some countries celebrated Christmas on a grand scale. Unfortunately, due to the worldwide outbreak of the corona epidemic, Christians all over the world have been forced to celebrate Christmas at home. Because of this, it is a little difficult to experience Christmas around the world this time around. But despite the difficulties, many countries do not forget their own Christmas traditions. Today we are going to share with you about the Christmas traditions of some of those countries

The Giant Lantern Festival

The Giant lantern festival
Ramon FVelasquez, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons
The Giant Lantern Festival takes place in the city of San Fernando, Philippines, on the eve of Christmas. Tourists from all over the world gather for this. That is why the city of San Fernando is considered the Christmas capital of the Philippines. The festival will feature a wide range of lanterns, ranging from paper and candle-lit lanterns to lanterns using a variety of materials.

Gavle Goat

yule goat
In late November, a huge goat is created out of the straw in the palace square of the Swedish city of Galva. Compared to the Christmas traditions of other countries, this tradition started very recently, in 1966. Although this goat was created as one of the symbols of Christmas, there is a new tradition through it. Those different people are trying to set this goat on fire. As a result, a Swedish court has sentenced a person who damages a Christmas design to three months in prison. But amid such warnings, even in recent years, some have tried to destroy this goat.


Anita Martinz, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons
According to Austrian beliefs, Santa Claus gives presents to good-natured children, and the cursed spirit Krampus, who accompanies him, takes the kind children to prison. Because of this belief, in the first week of December, young men dressed as Krampus roam the streets of Austrian cities, frightening little children, ringing bells that sound even alarming.

The Yule Lads

The yule lads
Lusinemarg, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons
In Ice land, a group of people comes home 13 days before Christmas. These guys, known as The Yule Lads, come dressed up as jokers. Also, thirteen people come in thirteen days. Icelandic children put shoes on the window for them. Then they will Put a Christmas present on the shoe and they will make a little mess on the house. For example, they steal candles in the house.

Day of the Little Candles

Christmas celebrations throughout Colombia begin with an annual tradition on December 7th. Colombians light lanterns or lanterns in front of their homes to show their respect and gratitude to the Virgin Mary. This is an extremely fascinating scene.

Cavalcade of Lights

Cavalcade of lights
The festival, which will illuminate the entire city of Toronto, has already been canceled due to the Corona epidemic. Usually, the holiday season begins with the unveiling of the torch, symbolically. This tradition started in the year 1967 and the spectators get the opportunity to see the charm of the fireworks display and the light festival.
Here are just six Christmas traditions we have brought to you from around the world. There are many more such traditions. Perhaps you have experience with such traditions. Don’t forget to share this article.


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