Winners and Losers

What is success? What is failure?

You may be someone who knows the answers to these two questions or is looking for answers. But no matter what type of person you are, it is essential that you know the differences between a successful person and a failed person on your journey to success.

This article compares 5 differences between such a successful person and a failed person. Therefore, this article will help you to distinguish between successful and unsuccessful people in society. Because not everyone in society is a successful person.

There are people who try to show that they are successful but fail. But there is so much we can take from the life of a truly successful person. This article will help you to do that.

Winners go for transcendence and Losers go for convenience.

No matter how much the truly successful person’s journey is hampered, he will continue to move forward and his work will have no limits. He always works beyond the limit.
The failed person always works for his own convenience without facing obstacles.

The successful person praises others and the failed person criticizes others.

Praising others, saying good things about others is a hallmark of a successful person. Moreover, they praise others work. But failed people are completely different. They criticize others.
Seeks the shortcomings of others. Criticizes them.

The successful person does not hesitate to admit guilt and The person who fails puts the blame on others.


The truly successful person, no matter how successful he is, will admit his mistake if something goes wrong. He never hesitates to apologize for the mistakes he has made. But it is a characteristic of a failed person to try to pass on the responsibility for his own mistakes to others. They always blame others for their mistakes and never forgive their mistakes.

The life of a successful person has a purpose and the life of a failed person has no purpose.

This is the key element of a successful person. Of course, this is also the reason for the success. The life of a successful person has a clear purpose. He works hard for the purpose for which he came.
But the life of a failed person has no such purpose. Purposeless work is always done.

The successful person praises the achievements of others and the failed person takes the success of others as his own.

It is a characteristic of a successful person to rejoice in the achievements of others and to praise them, helping them to have good self-confidence.
But the person who fails always tries to show that the achievements of others are his own. They think they are the reason for those victories.

The successful person shares knowledge and the failed person shows that he knows everything.

The last thing I want to mention here is that failed people always think they know everything and think they are a scholar. But they know nothing. They know something but do not share it with others.
But successful people try to share their knowledge with others. As a result, their knowledge increases. They never think they know everything. They try to learn something new every second.


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