If I ask you, “What are the differences between men and women?” What is your answer? This is an article on psychology and the above question is not about a sexually identifiable difference. So let me mention a few possible answers to the above question. See if your answers are there.
Men are stronger than women. Women are prettier than men. Men have stronger hearts than women. Men are smarter than women.
Although not these answer, But I am sure a similar answer may have come to your mind. Because such an opinion has been formed about women and men in society. So how created opinions like this come about? According to psychology, for every trait, we show has two sides.
  1. Nature – Characteristics that we naturally have from birth.
  2. Nurture – Characteristics we get from people who interact with the environment in which we live.
However, this is called the gender divide. In this article, we will talk about 5 instances where the gender divide enters our minds.

1.Because of the toys we get in childhood.

We first see this gender divide in our minds from the toys we get to play with when we are little. If you were a boy you would get a toy gun, toy car, etc. in your childhood. But if you are a girl, when you are a child you get things like dolls, toy kitchen utensils. But how is such an opinion was built? Because that’s the gender divide. That was the first time it entered our minds

2.”Don’t cry like a girl”

If you are a boy. You may have heard this as a child. Your mother or an adult may have told you to stop crying for some reason when you were in childhood. You stopped crying as soon as you heard this, right? Because you were embarrassed to be called a girl when you were little. This is another time when Gender Divide enters your mind.

3.”Don’t scream like a boy”

If you’re a girl, you’ll definitely hear this at least once. Did your mom at home or your teacher at school tell you this? This may have been said indirectly, not directly. However, its gist is, “If you’re a girl, don’t act like a boy.” So you realize that Gender Divide enters your mind from this too.

4.Forming an opinion that a woman is there to take care of children.

This is something that a girl puts into her mind as an adult as she gradually develops after a young age. In fact, it is the adults who put this in their minds. This means that women are only there to look after children and that they can do nothing more than that. Therefore, it causes a gender divide and also destroys the positive thoughts of women.
This speaks to just four key moments that the Gender Divide enters our minds. And there are a large number of such cases. However, nothing good happens when such ideologies come to mind. According to psychology, things like this cause negative thoughts to enter people’s minds and hide all their abilities and talents. This article is just about how the Gender Divide enters our minds.
In another similar article, we will talk about its negative consequences and why it should be removed from the mind.


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