When we work daily, everything happens according to our habits. Most people do not want to get rid of these habits. So let’s get out of the habit a bit and focus on some of the ways we can more successfully and simply replace our activities.

Let’s charge the mobile phone quickly

If you use your mobile phone flight mood, you can charge it quickly.


Is this how you check the choice of foundation coatings? See if this cream matches the color of the neck, not the face or wrist.

Select the keys

The time it takes to select a key can be wasted most of the day. So color the head of the key with nail polish.

Removing lipstick marks

When you have lipstick stains on your clothes, spray a little hair spray on them. After 10 minutes, rub with a damp sponge. Now wash in the normal way or the washing machine.

If there is no solution from the freezer

We have experienced cases where ice cream sometimes melt even when placed in the freezer. So you can put a sealed plastic bag in the freezer. Now the ice cream can be prevented from melting.

How to hide what is written

If you want to hide what you have written so that no one else can read it, write something else on what you wrote. Then no one else will be able to find what you originally wrote.

Iron without an iron

What to do if you do not have iron to remove wrinkles on clothes. Put three ice cubes in a dryer and let it work for 15 minutes. Vapors from drying remove the wrinkles on the fabric.

Be careful with your backpack on public transportation.

It is very important to take care of your belongings in crowded places like public transport. So wear the backpack in front of your body during public transportation.


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