Strange Behaviours That All Cat Lovers Have Witnessed
Cat owners are, in a sense, very patient. Because most of the time, those going to be the masters of the cats will eventually have to become the humble servants of their pet cat. However, the qualities we expect from a dog are can’t expect from cats, the next closest domestic animal. This is because of the unique attributes they evolved. But if you understand them, the cat as a pet is a beautiful animal.
Strange Behaviours That All Cat Lovers Have Witnessed
There are some commonalities that anyone who spends time with cats will experience. Cats are mainly independent animals. And these pet colleagues are a bit of a mystery. Sometimes a little proud. So the purpose of this article is to look at the cat’s behavior patterns with a particular scientific eye.

“Meaw” language used only for people

Domestic cats are a little louder than wild cats. But domestic cats have less diversity of sounds than other wild species. Asian feral cats, for example, make a somewhat hoarse noise. But except when cats are communicating with their kittens, the “Meaw” sound often heard from domestic cats is rarely heard from cats living in the wild. Because wildcats are very keen on monitoring each other’s arrivals and departures, it is unnecessary to make verbal statements. But domestic cats do not often have to communicate with their breed. Sharing with people who are more responsible for meeting their needs is equally important to them. So this “Meaw” sound is what they often do with people. They know it’s the best way to get people’s attention, and some cats are tempted to develop a “personal language” that only their owners can understand. They are used to express their various needs.

How does your cat love you?

The fact is that the owners of the cat may be experiencing one way or another. But in general, cats love only those who feed, care for and play with them. When we walk down the street, some dogs will occasionally befriend us for no apparent reason. In that sense, cat-human love is a bit more need-based than dog-human love.
The easiest way to get a cat’s love is to let them come to you voluntarily rather than forcibly approaching them. When that happens, don’t forget to give the cat a small snack. And also let him leave at any time he wants. If you let it go, the cat is more likely to come near you. When they return, they spend more time with you than they did in the first place.
If you keep your cat away for a long time, they are more likely to forget about you than dogs. Dogs can recognize their owner by the way they feel for years.
Strange Behaviours That All Cat Lovers Have Witnessed

Why do cats bring their prey to their human counterparts?

This is a place we misunderstood a bit. This because some cat owners think that cats bring them as a gift. But the truth is it is not so. As soon as the cats are hunted, they are taken to a safe place to eat. For a domestic cat, the best safe place he knows is his human partner’s home.

Why do cats hit particular objects and throw them on the ground?

Although not as humans, cats may have different behaviors. So this ridiculous behavior cannot be observed in every cat. Some cats may drop a small item in front of them at a table or at some height to get their owner’s attention. Other times they do it for their amusement or because they have learned the sport as a sport enjoyed by their owner
cat on a tree

Why can’t cats go down as fast as they can go up?

Because the cat’s claws are facing backward, they are designed for climbing up rather than down. Although cats may not climb higher altitudes, they can sometimes be seen at higher altitudes due to fear or inexperience.

In such cases, they go as far as they can with the help of their nails and complete the rest of the distance with a leap. This jump is a little special. The skin on their abdomen is smooth and loose, and when they fall from a certain height, they stretch their four legs to form a soft, loose abdominal skin that looks like a kind of parachute. Shortly before landing, they place their four feet facing the ground and shape their body into an arch to withstand the shock of the fall. Scientists have done a lot of research on the physics basis behind how they adjust their bodies to minimize the damage caused by falling from a height. I hope to bring a detailed article related to it in the future.


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