Virtual meeting ethiques guide

It is safe to say that Corona changed the lives of many people around the world. Many companies have become accustomed to this home-based system and have taken advantage of it.

Okay, now that you’ve been working from home, you can’t wait for meetings like before. Those meetings are essential for a lot of things in an office, from communication to administration. That is why many people are now accustomed to online discussions. Services like Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, Zoom are often used for online meetings.

How to behave in those online meetings now? What are the customs to be followed? That’s what I’m going to tell you!

Just before the time

just before the time
Now we know that a meeting in an office usually starts on time. Then all you have to do is get up and leave. But one thing that can happen when we work from home is that we miss that time. Don’t let that happen.
For example, someone who uses Microsoft Teams can use the same Microsoft Calendar. That’s when the early notification comes about the meeting. Then don’t go to the toilet at the last minute, do not keep going to eat. The best way is to join the discussion a few minutes before it starts.

 If they don’t like to face it, don’t force it

Dont force to face
Here is something about being a little sensitive. Now let’s say it’s a face-to-face meeting. Then sometimes some people can say that they can’t show their face. Then do not force the person who cannot offer the face.
Then do not force the person who cannot offer. Then you, as a boss or co-worker, don’t move them to turn on the camera. It’s upset. Because there may be some reason why the person does not want to show his face/turn on the camera.


Mute un mute
Here’s what many people forget about online meetings. What? Generally, if you do not speak at a conference, you should keep the mic muted. Then you need to unmute the mic and talk when it’s your turn or when you need to. It would be best if you muted it again when you’re done talking.
But most people forget to mute the mic either. So all the noise around can be heard throughout the meeting. It isn’t comforting. Also, failing to unmute the mic while talking. Then the people in the forum should say, “You are muted.” So keep those two things in mind.

 Minimize environmental disturbances

Minimize the environment disturbence
If you come to a meeting, you need to remember to minimize the noise and disturbance around you. That is, the family must be notified in advance of a session.
If the dogs and cats that come to the table during the meeting cannot be put in the cages, they should be kept on the wall with cellophane tape and stowed away. If you can’t avoid the noise around you, you need to go to a quiet place or find another option.

Be careful about disturbing others.

Dont disturb others
For example, one person ends up talking. Then when we say something, someone starts talking right away. The only polite thing to do then is to let the other person talk. Then there is another solution, say it next.

Chat panels

chat pannels
The previous online meetings have a special chat for any discussion, such as Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, Zoom, which is now in use. In that chat, we can put the necessary links when someone speaks to us to say something they want to say to the group. Then if we have an idea to express, we can let you know in the same chat.
Now you have to keep in mind to use that chat in that way, and if you get a message in that chat, you have to keep it in your head to see it. Both are important.

Be professional

be Proffecional
This is the last thing I want to say. This is a collection of everything said above. We work from home, not that we have meetings online, we have to have professionalism, real professionalism. Be careful in a forum. You need to write down the things you need. We need to comment when needed. You need to make the most of a meeting, whether online or in the office, and contribute as much as possible to a discussion.


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