Mind Mapping

What is mind mapping? For convenience, we call it the Mind Map. In short, mind mapping is a kind of illustration. It means that mind mapping is a way to visualize an idea, a concept, a task, something to be learned. Not as challenging as it sounds. But with this mind mapping method, anything can be seen as a broader picture.

Mind map

It’s clear now. We can map anything from the central concept to the number of things from now on. There is no need to think first about whether a structure should be definite or in order.

So let’s talk about some tips to make Mind Mapping a success.
Mind map Strategy
If you want a mind map, you can create it as you wish. But it is not a loss to know about the types of mind maps that are widely used.

Flow Map

It is a visual diagram of how the process moves forward. This is awesome to show a procedure.
Flow map
Junhaoubc at English Wikipedia, CC0, via Wikimedia Commons

Multi-Flow Map

It contains mostly the central idea and the sub-ideas in it. To a large extent, the cause and effect can be well illustrated by this.
Multi-Flow Map

Brace Map

This is often better for mapping facts. I mean, here are the subfloors. It is easy to show other subsets related to these three subsections.
Brace map

Tree Map

Isn’t this like a real classic tree note? This is also a good way to organize and demonstrate the basics.

Circle Maps

This is a slightly different mind map. There is an idea in the central nucleus. And the pictures in the other core are related to the central core.

Bubble Maps

his is also a map that can show something in the middle of that main story, with subdivisions around it.
Bubble Maps

How to create a mind map

Let’s start in the middle

The work should start from the middle of a blank sheet of paper or an empty space. That is, a central concept or subject is written in the middle first. From there we can continue to work on the branches. Sometimes a complex mind map can have more than one main subject. Or you can go from here to there and connect to those main subjects. It doesn’t matter. There has to be a beginning. The beginning is the main point in the middle.

All the necessary information

Here this is very important. A mind map is a concise summary. But it should add all the information. Let’s take an example. We are creating a mind map to achieve our goals for the coming year. Then in the middle is “Target-2021”. From there, the first goal is to lose weight. Then you don’t write it down. The relevant parameter should be specified in either 110 -> 85. Can’t stop there. That goal needs to be broken down into parts. So much for these days, that’s it. They should also be mentioned.

To whom

Here is another thing to keep in mind while making a mind map. For whom is a mind map drawn? Mostly for themselves, right? But we say that when you make a mind map, think of it as a presentation to others. Why? The reason is simple. When we make a mind map of ourselves, we include what we know at that time and what is in our heads at that time. The best example is the Mind Map that we call our own 2021 goals when we look at that mind map in another six months, do we still remember that? I do not know. So the best thing to do is to think that this mind map is something that is created for others to see.


All you need to draw a mind map is a blank piece of paper and a pen. But now you can create mind maps digitally as well. Finally, we would like to introduce some suitable web services and apps.
  • Bubbl.us
  • XMind 8
  • Mindomo
  • FreeMind
  • Scapple
  • Free Tools

  • Compendium
  • Freeplane
  • Wisemapping
  • Semantik
  • Coggle
  • Mindmeister

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