Things Dogs Hate - How to stop doing this to your dog?
We can have more and more benefits from owning a dog. Like exercises, get outside, socialize, and decrease our blood pressure and cholesterol levels. They can help to manage your loneliness by giving companionship. This article will discuss some of the things the dogs hate about us and how to eliminate them.

Walking in bad times

Badly times walkings

As human beings, sometimes we love a mid-day walk. But keep in mind that in the middle of the summer, the streets could be scorching hot. So that will be uncomfortable for your dog’s paws.

And also in the winter, it will be too cold. So you have to make sure that the temperature is not too cold. And also, dogs can get snow in between their toes, and it can make it painful to walk.


When dogs were in the wild, they did everything together, and they had a leader, and they were loyal to him. So now you are the leader of your dogs. You have to spend more time with them. If you are not able to do this, they can develop separation anxiety.
Make sure that you take them for walks and give them a lot of attention. But, if you are busy with your works, I think the best idea is to get someone to take care of your dogs. And also, you can take your dogs to a dog daycare. It will help them to socialize with other dogs and humans.


We like to hug our loving ones. But for the dogs, this is not suitable. A hug is usually an unwelcoming thing to them. When we embrace them, we have to wrap our arms around them. They feel this like trapping them.
Most dogs will allow their trusted people to hug them. But that is not mean they are enjoying it. You can let them leaning into you and pat their back and chest rather than embracing.

Touching their feet and nails

Touch their feet and nails
Dogs are hate touching their feet and trimming their nails because of their feet are sensitive. When we are handling their feet, they feel awkward or vulnerable. But according to the ASPCA, a paw massage will relax your dog and promote better circulation. Read more – Things you don’t know about your dog’s paws.
So how to get dogs to let you touch their paws? First, you have to build trust with him. You don’t try to touch the feet at first. Lightly massage their back and neck, then gently move the massage to their legs to ankle or wrist. Now handle their paws gently while talking softly. Please give him a small treat while you are holding their feet.

Further reading

If you’d like to learn about dog caring, try these great books. They have excellent books for dog owners.


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