5 Kids Who Became Millionaires In One Night
Do you know? Young children have different creative abilities. That creativity can be turned into money if needed. In this article, we are going to tell you about 6 little kids who became millionaires because of such creative abilities. However, these things are thought to be very simple but they have also changed the lives of people.
Water Talkie

1.Water Talkie.

There are so many amazing things to see underwater. A large number of people from all over the world dive under the water to see the beauty. But the inability to communicate with each other underwater is a huge hindrance to them. 11-year-old Richie Stachowski was on vacation in Hawaii with his parents when he found a successful solution for it. Because when he dived under the sea, he had a strong desire to find a solution to talk to his family. When he was thinking about what can be done for that, he came up with this wonderful idea. He found a solution using scientific sources and created a replica of it. He first tried it in a hotel swimming pool. At the same time, he invented the machine called a water talkie that could successfully communicate underwater. It is a simple device.
But it can easily communicate with someone up to 15 feet away in the water. Richie and her mother started the creating Water Talkie machine as a company named Water Stock LLC. At the same time, he received a large order of 50,000 water talkies. At age 13, they sold the company to another company, making Richie a millionaire.
Makin Bacon

2.Makin Bacon.

If you’ve ever tasted a piece of crispy bacon, you know why people all over the world love bacon. But the grease that falls when wiping the bacon makes it very uncomfortable. Because bacon grease is something that bacon fans don’t like. This grease from the bacon is absorbed back into the bacon and the fat level rises significantly.
But there is an easy way to make bacon, even at home, avoiding the grease hassle. Abby Fleck, an 8-year-old girl, finds a successful solution for it. For that, she invented a very simple device called “Making Beacon”. Abby created the first device here, using several plastic coat hangers used to hold clothes. She later created it in bulk and began distributing it through Wal-Mart. So she became a millionaire because of this business that she started with her father’s investment. Just think this little plastic device made this little girl a millionaire.
Crayon Holders

3.Crayon Holders.

Young children find solutions to certain problems they face on their own. But even if those problems are thought to be very simple, at a child’s age they are big problems. 11-year-old Cassidy Goldstein identified a problem that almost all children face. This means that when small children use colored sticks, they break easily. But this girl created a simple device for it. It was a very good solution to that problem. This allowed the Colour sticks to be used continuously until the end. You may have had this problem as a child. They are also easy to hold and paint like a pen. You may have had this problem as a child. Furthermore, By using it They are also easy to hold and paint like a pen. No matter how simple the device, she received a lot of praise for this design. This little girl named Cassidy Goldstein also won the award for Best Youth Inventor of the Year 2016. So she added these Crayon holders to the market commercially as well. Because of that business, she became a millionaire.

Magnetic Locker Paper

4.Magnetic Locker Paper.

In schools around the world, there are small cupboards in the school to place school equipment for each child. So school children decorate those lockers beautifully. But sticking something on these metal cupboards is very difficult. Even with the use of gum tape, it is very difficult to stick anything on this metal cupboard. So while Sarah Buckel, a 13 – year – old girl, was looking for a solution to this problem, she had a wonderful idea.

Her father worked for a company that made magnetic equipment. With her father’s help, she created a piece of magnetic paper that could be glued to the metal. There was a huge demand for those papers produced in individual sizes. So because of this, she was able to become a millionaire in a year.

5. Ryan’s Barkery.

When Ryan was 11 years old, he presented his business idea to a popular television station. He wanted to introduce to the market the natural dog food he had discovered. Because he wanted to provide high-quality food to his pets as well as to other pets.
Though this idea may seem like a silly idea of a small child, there are large marketplaces made just for pets. So during that TV show, he was able to come to a trade deal with someone who was there. He then started his business under the name Ryan’s Barkery. Initially started in the home kitchen, this business is now spread all over the world. These dog foods are now available around the world in a variety of flavours. These can be purchased online as well as in stores.


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