How to get rid of procrastination and be organized
Do you skip work and do other chores? Read this article. You miss work, do you? I know. How do I know that? Because we all miss work. Scientists have found that we all miss work.
You don’t have to be a lazy person for this. This means that if I think that the habit of neglecting this work is due to my laziness, it is wrong.

What means Procrastination.

When there is something essential to do, do other things without doing it. E.g., playing games, messaging to friends, watching reels.
So you can become a Procrastinator if you neglect your work by doing other things like yours.

Procrastination is divided into two parts as out of control and in control.

Out of control

Think that you had an assignment.Then when you finish it and go to school, the school closes because of the corona. That’s out of control of you.

In control

When you have to do the assignment, you waste your time playing games, as I said before. That is called “in control.”
Procrastination calender
So why do we missing the work? What is the reason for this? Studies have shown that stress is the root cause of neglect. We miss work because of stress. The brain is the thing which we can’t avoid when talking about stress.
Procrastrination brain
The brain has a response called “flight or fight.” So if we have any other stressful task, this response will be activated. So at that point, the brain has become accustomed to avoiding that task.

How do we get rid of Procrastination?

How do you eat an elephant?

One bite at one time.

Here is a perfect illustration. When we have a big task, we break it down into smaller parts. E.g., Break an essay of 1500 words into remote parts of about 150 words. Then our brain does not see this as a big stressful event.
Because we can’t hack the brain, but we can hack our habits. So our daily work can be hacked this way.
Procrastation woman

Give a reward

You can put a reward at the end of the work. E.g., I write 150 words in an essay and play games for an hour, like this.


We have a lot of distractions. These distractions are the things that hinder our goals. E.g., While working, we feel like watching a video of “Pewdiepie.” So you can keep this as a reword.
Change the way we see ourselves in this world. In this way, procrastination can be minimized.


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