Do you want to fall in love with him?

So first you need to identify what he basically expects from you. Men and women may have similar feelings but there are some special things they expect when they fall in love.

You need to make him feel safe.

He will not choose you if he does not see protection in you first. He will not choose to build a life with you. First, you have to be the safest place for him to go on the planet.
You need to make him feel safe

The way he feels you

If he feels happy, loving when he is with you, it is a reason for him to stick with you. Of course, men, as well as women, always want to date someone they feel happy, loving.
The way he feels you

Trust and respect

When he knows he can trust you. You should always respect him. Men always expect trust and respect from their women. Men consider this an essential part of their love. Always trust is not earned, it can only be granted. Do not undermine his faith. Respect him.

Always open to him

Men do not like women who are always tired and spend time thinking about work. According to researchers, men like women who are open to them. So set aside some of your time for him.
Always open to him

He likes to hear the true story about you.

  As I said before, men always expect a loyal woman. So for that, he needs to know your truth. Share your sorrows, joys, hopes, and dreams with him. Show him the kindness in your heart, especially humanity. Everything I mentioned earlier is related to this. When you share your life with him
  • He will feel safe in you.
  • He will feel confident.
  • He will feel the openness in you.
He likes to hear true story about you


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