Did you know that there were many epochs on Earth billions of years ago, such as the Ice Age? People living in the world today do not even know what the earth was like at that time. But scientists have found the bodies of animals that lived many years ago. But the uniqueness of these discoveries is that they were not destroyed because they were found under the snow. Therefore, scientists have been able to uncover a great deal of mystery about the prehistoric age from those body parts. Also, since many of these discovered animals do not exist in the world today, scientists have been able to unravel all the mysteries about them through these body parts. In this article, we will tell you about the prehistoric animals that were found. Read the article and write us your opinion.
Prehistoric The dog of the age.

1.Prehistoric The dog of the age.

In 2011, scientists found the body of a very old dog in Siberia. Scientists have discovered that the body of this animal is 14,000 years old. But they found not only the body of this animal. Scientists examined the animal’s body and found a piece of skin with a lot of hair inside its stomach.

Archaeologists say it may have belonged to a cave lion that lived at the time. The reason they guess so is because this piece of leather is yellow. However, scientists who examined the skin further concluded that it belonged to a hairy rhinoceros that had lived in the past. But scientists have not been able to find out how a piece of rhinoceros skin got into the body of a small dog. Because the rhinoceros species became extinct 14,500 years ago, it is a mystery how the skin was found in the body of a dog that lived in a later era.
A bird of prehistoric times.

2.A bird of prehistoric times.

In 2018 from Siberia, scientists were able to find a carcass of a prehistoric bird. Upon seeing this animal, scientists speculated that it was too old. Unexpectedly, however, tests revealed that the animal’s body was 46,000 years old. Although 46,000 years old, the body of this animal has survived to the present day, much like that of an animal that died yesterday. Further study of the animal revealed that it was a female bird. It was also discovered that it belonged to a species of a lark that lived 49,000 years ago.

A bison cow.

3.A bison cow.

The body of this cow, which was found in 2011, was found in an unimaginably safe under the snow. You can see how safe it was in the picture above. Also, the body of this animal was completely intact. Scientists who conducted experiments on this animal concluded that it was an animal that lived 10,000 years ago.

Scientists also say that the cow weighed about 600 kg and was about 5.5 feet high. What is special about this cow is that it died in its sleeping position. And there are no other wounds all over this animal’s body. For these reasons, it is clear that the animal died naturally while asleep. But these cows are very different from today bison cows. Scientists say these bison cows became extinct 10,000 years ago.
A bear that lived in the ice age.

4.A bear that lived in the ice age.

The last ice age on Earth was about 100,000 years ago. Only evolved animals that could withstand extreme cold could survive that era. Such a group of evolved animals is called the cave bear, which lived in this ice age. Even when scientists found the body of this animal, it was still in very good condition.

Before the discovery of this animal with skin, scientists had found the bone of this animal. But even the nose of the carcass of this found animal was very good. Scientists say that even the internal organs of this animal were in very good condition. However, scientists estimate that these animals became extinct 15,000 years ago. However, the body of the bear is estimated to be more than 22,000 years old.
Two mountain lion cubs.

5.Two mountain lion cubs.

During the discovery, scientists found the bodies of two mountain lion cubs nearby. These two animals, known as Sparta and Boris, discovered themselves in Siberia in 2018. Scientists initially speculated that the two animals were two brothers who died 44,000 years ago.

But research has shown that only one of the two animals died 44,000 years ago. The other lion cub has died 26,000 years ago. Also, that is a female lion cub who died 26,000 years ago. Scientists have found that the animal died of starvation. Also, these are the two bodies of the two mountain lions that are in the best condition ever found.

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