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We have seen that some women in society are very fond of some men. Society We see opportunities for women to be attracted even to men we do not expect. Usually, we think that women are attracted to people who have money, good looks, muscle etc. But despite all that, there are men in society who do not get an attachment of women.
Did you know that there are some traits in us that make women attractive or not? In fact, men are attracted to women for their appearance, but women are attracted to a few different features of men. So if you are a man, you can attract women by having those traits in you. So in this article, we will talk about 5 of the most important of these features. So if you also feel that female attraction is not enough, read this article and act accordingly.
The way you talk

1.The way you talk

Women usually pay attention to the way you speak. They are also attracted to you by the way you talk. Women are naturally motivated to decide how they feel about men. Because of this, when you speak in front of a woman, it’s important to make them feel something about you. Speaking with restraint when speaking leads to the attraction of many women.
And talking too much and talking too little can damage your attractiveness. Also, the appearance of talking to gain attention is a major reason to cut your marks. So try to avoid these things and talk about where women are. It helps to increase your attractiveness.
Ability to create humour and funny

2.Ability to create humor and fun.

Women are by nature a group of people who are mentally distressed for various reasons. This is due to the problems they face as well as the hormonal activation. So women are quickly attracted to men who can talk freely, make themselves laugh, and are always happy.
So they pay more attention to men who make jokes. That’s why women are attracted to men who are always smiling in society and do not think too much about anything. However, when making jokes, it is important to know its size. Because if a woman is embarrassed or discredited by the joke you make, it will quickly make her disgusted with you. You need to understand the mental state of the woman and her surroundings. Any jokes you make should be done in a way that suits them.
Self Confidence


It is a characteristic of any woman to look at how confident a man is. In particular, women unknowingly look if you have the backbone to ask a woman for her consent or to talk. Women have no desire for men who have no confidence in themselves or even not offer to talk to a woman with confidence.
If you have the confidence to talk to women and win their hearts, you will have enough female attraction. If a man is not afraid to talk to a woman, even if he is not handsome or beautiful, he will be attracted to that woman. Women also pay attention to people who work in a society with such confidence. So never be afraid to talk to a woman, no matter how beautiful she is. Because she is more likely to like you because of your self-confidence. Such incidents abound in today’s society.
Ability to comprehend things that are not said in words

4.Ability to comprehend things that are not said in words.

You may have heard that the book written to understand a woman is bigger than the encyclopedia. The way women think at certain times can be much more contradictory than we think. Many women do not use the rational thinking of men in their personal needs. They are not tempted to say what comes to their mind.
So if you have the ability to understand what a woman has in their heart rather than what she says, you can get the attention and attention of women. They value the ability to understand them, even by their behaviour. So always try to understand a woman by her hints rather than what she says.
Leadership traits

5.Leadership traits.

Women are quickly attracted to the ability to take responsibility without hiding when needed. They also pay more attention to you when you lead a team. This is a common feature of animals as well as humans. By nature, females are more likely to be attracted to the leader of a group. However, this does not mean getting caught up in unnecessary things or trying to do things you can’t do.
You can do this by recognizing your abilities and using them appropriately when appropriate. You can, do what you can at the right time and do it well and win the attention of women.
So if you feel that women are not attractive enough, create the features mentioned in this article. If you have any questions about this, please comment below.


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