Why 4G on moon?

NASA has started a project called 2020 tipping points. The purpose is to develop various technologies on the moon. We get to hear a lot of interesting things about this.

The total cost of this project is around $370M. $14.5M of this has been given to Nokia. The purpose is to build a 4G network on the moon’s surface. So now you may be wondering why there is a 4G network on the surface of the moon. Over the next few decades, a large number of people will travel to the moon. And they will also do a lot of experimentation.
Why 4g on thw moon

So when experimenting like this they have to take the HD video call. They have to do HD video streaming. And they also have to control the rovers and other equipment on the lunar surface. So they need to use this 4g network for this.

Why 4g on moon
Usually, the 4G tower on the earth’s surface is very large. Also, the transmitter in this is big in size. It requires a lot of electricity.
But they hope to use smaller transmitters for this project. Also, these transmitters can operate at very low power.
We use a rocket to send a device like this into space. When a rocket is launched into space, a large vibration occurs. Therefore, these devices must be able to withstand this vibration.
Also, when they land on the moon, they have to face a huge amount of radiation.
Rockets-4g on moon

In addition to this 4G network project, a large number of other projects have been funded in this manner.

They have given the size of $53.2M to SpaceX. There they hope to develop a technology that transfers frozen oxygen from one tank to another. We call this orbit refueling.
4G on moon
Also, another $5.8M has been reserved for Astribotic company. They hope to create wireless charging technology on the moon’s surface. When a large number of people start living on the moon’s surface, they will have to use various devices. This wireless charging can charge all those devices.
In addition to the projects we talked about in this 2020 tipping project, many other projects have been allocated a large amount of money. This is a link that has all the details about it.


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