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Don’t ask anyone “Are you crazy?”  it’s so disgusting. If he really has a mental illness, he will feel very sad about it. In this article, we will talk about mental illness. Like I said before, crazy is not a mental illness. Mental illness is not crazy. Crazy is a word we use.

How do mental illnesses occur?

There are many ways our body gets sick. And so is our mind. Our mind is very stressful even though we don’t see it. There is always something wrong with our minds. So really these are the things that make our minds sick. Also, psychology was started to find out what is our mind.
mental illness

Is psychology using to only treat mental illness?

No, it’s just one part. Psychology is actually used to understand the mental processes of people. In addition, find out about people’s behavior. In addition, medication for mental illness is only one part of this.
The beginnings of physiology are very old. Many religions have talked about this physiology. Also, in the past, diseases like depression have been reported in countries like Egypt.
human mind

The most complex thing we know in this world can be our mind.

Psychology started in Western science in the 17th century. Until then, the only treatment for the mentally ill was to tie him up and imprison him somewhere. Because at that time people were very scared of people with mental illness.

The world’s first phycologist was live around the 19th century. Who is that? Maybe you say sigman proid.Actually not him. Wilhelm Wundt was the first psychologist.

Wilhelm Wundt
He is a German scientist. But Sigman Proied, who did a great service to psychology, is known as the father of psychology.

Today, medicines and therapies are used to treat mental illness.

How do mental illnesses occur?

There are several ways in which mental illness can occur.
  • The shock that occurs when something happens.
  • This trauma can occur for a variety of reasons. like breakups
  • Environmental factors. The family background what you live.
  • Frequent abuse and bullying during childhood can be a major cause of mental illness.
  • In addition, it can be caused by genetic traits.
  • It can also be caused by chemical imbalances in the brain.
  • How to mental illness occure
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