The great wizard with an amazing mind
According to psychology, what is magic? Is it some kind of deception of people? But in my search, I came across a description of a great magician who lived in the past. Even I, who have studied psychology to some extent, could not believe this at first. But now I feel that there is some truth in it. So today I will write to you about that magician. You read this and comment below. Because this is a bit of a mystery.
the wizard

Merlin, the great magician in legends

Merlin is one of the TV series we all love. But did you know that the character of the magician in this story is really a character from a former legend of this world? According to legend, this Merlin is no ordinary magician. Merlin is a very powerful magician when it comes to studying the world of magic.
King Arther with Merlin

Merlin is the almighty magician in the legends of King Arthur. He is also considered one of the best magicians in the world. Many history books refer to Merlin as a man with a long beard. However, the birth of Merlin is not a pretty story. According to legend, Merlin was the illegitimate son of a prince. This Merlin was created by an evil creature forcing her to have a child while this prince was asleep. Because of these events, no one trusted Merlin as a child. Also, everyone at the time called Merlin the “son of the devil.”

But Merlin had a lot of power from a young age. Because of that power, Marilyn was able to read people’s minds and see the future. At that time a king named Vortigern tried to build a fortress to escape from the enemies. But no matter how hard he tries to repair it, the fort always collapses. When Marilyn found out about this, he found out by his magic that there were two dragons fighting under this castle. One of these two dragons is white and the other is red. Then Marilyn said this was a harbinger of a future good king. As Marilyn said, Vortigern was defeated and a king named Uther pendragon was elected. After that Merlin worked as an advisor to this king.
Later, Prince Arthur was born to this king. As soon as he was born, he handed Merlin over to look after Arthur. Then Merlin adopts this prince in a way that no one can catch. Until the prince reaches the appropriate age, his inherited royal sword is locked in a rock by Merlin. Only the heir to the throne could free the sword from the rock because of Merlin’s magic. At the right age, Prince Arthur pulls the sword out of the rock. Marilyn then acts as an advisor to this young King Arthur and makes him a great king.
King Arther
In addition to counselling, Marilyn is also good at teaching magic to others. Morgana is a person who has learned magic from such a Marilyn and She is accustomed to dark magic. As you already know about Arthur’s “King’s Round Table”, it’s also a creation of Merlin. It is at this table that King Arthur makes important decisions with his knights. Merlin also instructed King Arthur to build the main fortress of his kingdom.

Movies with magicians made in the style of Merlin.

Thus the legend of Merlin continues. In all these stories, Merlin is shown to be a true magician. That’s why so many witch movies have been made so far that use things related to Merlin’s character. Marlin has been a role model for many such films. For example, the character of Dumvaldo in the Harry Potter story, and even Gandalf in The Lord of the Rings, are characters who imitate this Merlin. In each of these films, the chief magician is shown helping the young leader, following the example of Merlin helping Arthur.
The sword of merlin
Merlin the great magician

How do you feel about this Merlin?

And to this day, everyone who studies dark magic learns a lot about this Merlin. That’s because he considers the legend around him to be true. All of these facts prove that there was a magician named Marlin. It also proves that there were great magicians in the past who had such a high mind. So, if you have read this article, please comment below.


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