HAARP is the most dangerous weapon globally, capable of turning any part of the world into a completely inanimate area in a short period. It can even control the weather.

This was created by real-world wizard Nikola Tesla.
Nikola Tesla was created for the good of man, not a weapon to destroy man. So how did he come up with this weapon?

Nikola Tesla
This was not designed by Tesla as a weapon. As the atmosphere passes 80km 85 km above the Earth’s surface, there is an ionosphere. All the radio signals we send are reflected in this ionosphere like a mirror to the other side. Like a ball bumping against a wall.
Tesla wanted to move this ionosphere a little further away from Earth. Because then you will be able to send a wave farther than you can now.
That’s what HAARP is used to do. HAARP is an array of hundreds of large antennas in series and parallel across acres. These antennas send hundreds of thousands of volts of electric shock to the ionosphere at once. That’s when the ionosphere goes back a bit.

So how can it be a weapon?

This is how it works. The ionosphere is made up of positively charged particles. Positively charged alpha particles emanating from the Sun during phenomena such as solar winds. These particles are extremely dangerous. When this particle hits the ground, it begins to oxidize.
Humans and animal trees are all over in a while. But it does not stop. These particles clog when the earth is oxidized. It is our ionosphere that saves us from these particles. Because the ionosphere is also positively charged, he can repel these solar particles beautifully and keep us all.

In the past, the contraction of Mars caused the liquid metal core inside it to solidify. This caused the magnetic field in Mars to stop intersecting. Then the magnetic field of Mars began to weaken. The result was the disappearance of Mars’ ionosphere. Eventually, those negatively charged solar particles came straight in and oxidized the entire surface of Mars. Even the iron in the Martian soil oxidized and turned to rust! That’s why we see Mars rusty today. So, needless to say, how much you and I are indebted to our ionosphere and to our beautiful world that still shines green?
Green earth
HAARP can be used to make a hole anywhere in the world as far as the ionosphere can carry. Then if this hole were made above a hostile country, the positively charged particles coming from the sun would collide with it, and the whole country would become so dusty and rusty that it would not even be possible to find out if it was alive. While. Tesla realized that the plan he had created to benefit these people could one day be used as a weapon.
Therefore, he did not disclose any of this information. Following Nicola Tesla’s death, all of Tesla’s notes were seized by the American FBI with immediate effect. They wanted to use Tesla’s notes to build weapons for World War II.
HAARP World war 2
But for decades, America did not have enough intelligent scientists to understand those notes. A Times journalist once asked Nobel Prize-winning scientist Albert Einstein, considered the scientist of the century, “What do you think about being the most intelligent man in the world?” Called. Einstein then replies, “You should ask that of Nikola Tesla.”
Albert Einstien
Under these circumstances, the United States could not understand Tesla’s notes and manufacture weapons until the end of World War II. In the end, the United States declares that all these documents disappeared during the war. However, investigations continued. Eventually, they built HAARP with an array of 48 antenna systems in Alaska, a land that belongs to the United States. Another capability of HAARP is seismicity. This is done by aiming shock waves into the ground at a certain location.
Earthquakes in Alaska, Haiti, Nepal, and Iran have been directly linked to this HAARP project. In May 2014, the US government “officially” halted the HAARP project, although it did not acknowledge its involvement in the quake. However, on the day of the outbreak of World War III, this weapon was openly reactivated.


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