In today’s article, we will talk about the real story behind the killer doll based films that were released under different names from 1988-2020. Read on to find out the full information. This film about a doll called Chucky was released in 1988 under the name children play. Since then, until 2020, about eight films have been screened under different names.
Haven’t you ever wondered how a director could develop an idea to make a film with such a good story?

The director came up with the idea to make a film like this because this doll was there.

According to the 1988 children’s play film, this doll is given to this child by a mother. At first, the child is delighted when he gets this doll, but then he realizes that this doll is not a doll as the child thinks.

Then this doll starts doing evil whenever he gets a chance.

The real story here is an incident that happened in 1906. At that time, a family living in Florida called Otto had a factory and many employees. The mother of this family has mistreated them. So in 1906, Robert Eugene Otto has gifted a doll from an employee of this factory. She is believed to know dark arts.

She has put a curse on this doll and given it to this child in anger with this family.
About 40 inches high, this doll wears a navy suit. This child has given the doll part of his name, Robert.
Robort the horror doll

The child plays well with this doll for a while.

But after a few days,Eugene’s parents heard a strange ugly voice in this child’s room.

Since then, these incidents have increased a lot. People in this house heard the sound of people running from room to room at night.

One day Eugene screamed in fear. When Eugene’s parents looked, the child was covering his face with his bedclothes and was trembling with fear.

Eugene's grave
Many people who worked in this house have left this house after these incidents.

Eugene’s neighbors said that the whole family went out one day, but they saw a small child running inside the house.

But no matter what, Eujin had kept this doll with him.

Pet dog at chucky
Even after Eujin’s parents died, he even reserved a room in the house where he lived with his wife for this doll. But they were still bothered by the doll.
Later a 10-year-old girl who came to live in this house found this doll again. But this doll has also harmed the girl. One day this doll even tried to kill her pet dog.
Real Robert Doll Horror

Because of these incidents, the family decided to put the doll in an iron box and lock it.

To this day, Robert Doll is housed in a safe glass cabin in the museum of Keywest, California. Also, you can go and see it.


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