Who doesn’t like to laugh? How good is it to make someone smile? It is not an easy task. But Mr Bean gets only a few seconds to make a smile on your face. We’ve all watched the Mr Bean series. The number of times we laughed at Mr bean was endless. Needless to say, Mr Bean or Rowan Sebastian Atkinson is a genius.

In this article today we bring you 30 of the funniest facial expressions in the Mr Bean series. There are a lot of poses in that. TV series, because he’s a genius who uses only the face and other gestures without using any words to make us laugh. You will definitely laugh when you look at these photos. Turn that laugh into words and comment below.

Remember Mr Bean who acted like a fool in front of us, let’s renew that memory. I will give a brief introduction to each of these facial expressions. That introduction is just what I think. If you see each of these situations in a different way, please comment below.

1.When listening to someone.

2.Feeling a little embarrassed.

3.Peeking through the door.

4.When something goes wrong.

5.When trying to correct a mistake.

6.Moments when trying to calm down anger.

7.Nearly a chance to get beaten up

8.After meaningless work.

9.When he felt bored.

10.When the desired thing is found.

11.When trying to cheat.

12.When we get a weird meal.

13.Mrs. Bean.

14.Favorite work.

15.The happiest work.

16.Happiness on the face.


18.Beautiful face.

19.His jokes.

20.Freedom and happiness.

21.Enjoying freedom.

22.Genuine smile.


24.Lazy bean.

25.The troublemaker.

26.A successful opportunity.

27.Attempts to win.

28.Unable to imagine what happened.

29.When something strange happens.

30.He is happy with everything.

Mr Bean, Thank you for filling us with joy.



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