Exciting facts about ancient greece statues
I think all of you know about Greek sculptures. They have some kinds of specialties than other statues, on their body, their clothes and their other body parts. Do you ever notice that points? Behind all these specialties have exciting reasons. Read till the end this article will interesting to you.
Why many Greece statues are naked?

Why many Greek statues are naked?

Many statues of their heroes statues are only wearing a tiny piece of cloth or perfectly naked in Greece history. What is the reason for this? There have so many reasons. Naked statues are also culturally specific. For example, we can get the traditional Chinese statues had not to use nudes. And the same thing is the tradition of Greece use nude for their statues. Also, we can see the statues of athletes like Myron’s “discus thrower” are naked. Because in Greece called their gymnasium was a naked place. In fact, being in the gymnasium, they have to be naked. In this period, the naked is the norm in Greece gymnasiums. So why they exercise naked? Because there was a matter of safety, the story behind this matter is that a runner was tripped on his own cloth and broke his neck. And the other reason is that nudity in the gymnasium was shown the equality of all. Also, nudity becomes a standard in Greek athletics.
Why most statues have not arms and heads?

Why most statues have not arms and heads?

We can see Greece statues like Venus, Aphordic; they have no arms. And some Greece statues there also no other body parts like heads, fingers, and noses. Several reasons have occurred for this.
Some of the statues there have no arms and heads originally. But the materials of this statues like marbles and other soft stones can be damaged easily. Because of this weak point, after many years later, their necks, arms were broken. And the other reason is that many heads would be missing by stealing them because stealing the body parts is easier than stealing the whole statue. So they can easy to sell them.

Why many statues have small penises?

Why many statues have small penises?

When we look at an ancient Greek statue-like Michel Angelo’s David, we can see tiny penises that actually don’t match his body. What is the reason for this? Are all the Greece males have small penises, or the artists did not see any big penises. Actually, in ancient Greece, small penises showed valuable and ideal men. We can also see some statues with extra-sized penises like Satyrs’ statue (mythic half-goat-men, who are drunkards and wildly lustful). From that extra-sized penises, they wanted to show the various non-ideal foolish, lust, and ugly men. According to the Greece literature in Aristophanes large penis is listed as one of the characteristics of dishonorable Athenian youths. These are some ideas about this problem of small packages.
Why were Greek statues so muscular?

Why were Greek statues so muscular?

We can see in ancient Greece statues they have amazing bodies. They are so muscular. Are all the Greeks have this kind of amazing bodies?
Also, that body shapes were inspired by ancient Greek athletes, not by other people. So the athletes did more exercise, and they have an excellent and perfect body shape. But we can’t think that they all have this kind of perfect bodies.
The important thing we needs to realize is that these are all only sculptures that were created by artists for public display. They are heavily idealized.
These sculptures do not represent what the average ancient Greek man actually looked like in historical reality.
If you need to display a statue in your house, what is your choice? A thin or obese man or a very handsome man with a perfect body?
I think most of your choice is the second one.
So I think these also artists wanted to show off that.


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