Four thriller novels you have to read

Here are 4 thriller novels that will amaze you.

Reading completes a man. This is an old saying. But it has a deeper meaning. The tastes of the people in this world are varied. Out of these diverse people, the majority of people prefer to read books. Not only that, Out of that majority, people like to read different kinds of novels. For example, we can take adventure story books, love story books, fiction books. Today in this article I will give you a brief introduction to 4 very valuable books that contain such adventures. All of those books are copyrighted by their original authors. First of all, I enjoyed reading all these books and I recommend that you to read them too. These books are, to me, very high-quality creations and it may vary depending on your taste. If you have read any of these books, leave your comments below.
DEXTER - Jeff Linsey

    1.DEXTER – Jeff Linsey

Written by Jeff Linsey, DEXTER revolves around a violent murderer. But unlike the other stories, the protagonist of this book, Dexter, is a police blood tester. It’s his job. But he is a violent murderer. He kills criminals who are a threat to society. He does these things very subtly without even being caught by the police. This Dexter is actually a story about a person who Repression criminals like that. So if you are curious about this book, read it soon. 8 books from the Dexter series have now been published. Moreover, this series of books has also been created as a TV series.
Pretty Girls - Karin Slaughter
    2.Pretty Girls – Karin Slaughter
  Pretty Girls , written by Karin Slaughter, was nominated for the 2016 Best Curious and Thriller novel by List of literary awards. Also, if we’re talking about Karin Slaughter, read the book called The Good Doughter. It is a her valuable book. The book Pretty Girls goes on with 3 female characters. They are Claire and Lydia’s younger sister, Julia. There, Julia disappears a few years ago. With that disappearance, the other two sisters also separated. A woman named Claire marries a millionaire and his sudden death changes the story. However, the story continues with a lot of curiosity and thrill. So read the book. It definitely brings you curiosity.
The one-John Marrs

    3.The One – John Marrs

  The one book by John Marrs is a book of high adventure and curiosity. I will give a brief introduction to the Book, which is based on five people. Contains a series of events involving a company (a software) that uses DNA samples to find a life partner.Using the above five persons, the author has written an intriguing and adventurous novel. However, I can also personally consider that book to be a well-enjoyed book. If you have read this book, please leave your comment below. If you have not read the book, enjoy it soon.
Final Girls-Riely sager
    4.Final Girls – Riley Sager
Riley Sager is a writer with his own unique style. He uses that ability to add intriguing adventures to his creations. Not only Final Girls but books like Home Before Dark and Lock Every Door are among the great ones he has written. Here is what happened in this book, which revolves around one girl. This girl goes on a trip with her friends at school age. But She is the only one who survives an incident that takes place there. After surviving, she was recognized as a heroine of the society. However, she later meets a friend. But for her, the dark past comes to mind again. Thus the story flows forward out of curiosity. Read the book soon and enjoy the adventure. Because there is so much adventure, curiosity, the fear here. Today’s article brought to you by the purpose of giving you a taste for reading addiction. In addition, comment below on the adventurous, intriguing novels you have read. Because it is true that reading completes a man.


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