Benefits of being single

Today our article is about why being single is more better than being married.

Why do most people think they want to get married, Why they don’t need to be single…

Today there are many people who just get married for full fill their some kind of reasons…

    They got married because they think marriage is one of the most important chapters of their life.
    • Some of them think marriage eliminates all the problems in life.
    • They need to get married to fulfilling their physical needs.
    • They need to marry to raise a family.
    • They think marriage will make their relationship more beautiful and attractive.
    • Society is putting pressure on them to get married.
Is marriage the most importent thing in the world

Is marriage the most important thing in the world?

It is not the “most” important thing in the world. But the marriage may be important because of some reasons. We will talk about that in another article. Be single without marriage.

The disadvantages of being married.

Life is a long journey. If you get married sometimes you may have to experience many disadvantages.

Loss of your freedom.

When you need to get a recession you have to be discussed agreed upon with your spouse. Being married will not allow making random decisions because you need the final approval from your partner. Every decision will be a compromise between the couple. Always your happiness is dependent upon the other party. So you have to sacrifice your all freedom.

It will financial expenses as well

Being single is much cheaper than getting married. A few costs of married life First many people having a big wedding for their marriage. Most people spending huge money on this. Also, it is only a one-time expense. Children costs When married people will have children they have to spend on them. For their daycare, School costs, University costs, and other main costs are much expensive. Divorce cost After marriage, they have a risk of divorce. Being single is financially better than being married. But being single after divorce that benefit will cancel. And also you have to add responsibility once a child comes along. Being married is a lifetime commitment.
Advantages of single life

Advantages of a single life.

This is our main topic today.

You are your own boss

When you are being single you have the freedom to do anything you want. You can travel anywhere and come home at any time. You can always stay in touch with your friends. Before marriage, you say to your friends “Don’t worry, we will stay in touch.” But are you sure you can actually keep this word? During the single life, you have the freedom, and you can find time for your friends. And also you get to choose what you want and when you want it.

While being single you can build yourself better.

When singlehood you have more time and money for yourself. So you can work for you. You can improve your mind by learning new things and you can stay fit than married people. You have enough time for spending on your physical fitness. And also you can build a business for you and you always have the time and money to develop it. When being single your responsibilities will be minimalist. During a single life, you have no responsibility for your partner or children. You have only one or two responsibilities, you and maybe your parents.
You can sleep peacefully and quit

When you become single you can sleep peacefully and quit

Some people having very uncomfortable sleeping next to someone. When someone sleeps closer to his or her partner, the partner wrap around his or her hand it may be uncomfortable (he or she couldn’t turn over freely). And also sleep with others you can’t snore as much as you want. So you are this kind of person singlehood is more comfortable for you.
Being single you be lonely. But I’m sure you will have your friends and family.
When being single always your happiness depends on you.
So these are benefits of singlehood.

Is getting married bad

Is getting married bad?

Not at all, it depends on you and who you will be marrying. We will talk about that in another article. Put your comment below about what are you thinking about today’s article.


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