Are all the superheroes fictional
Do you think superheroes are only fictional characters? No, actually most of the stories about superheroes are the creations of talented writers. But behind most of these characters have real persons. Today our article is about these inspirational roles from real people.

Bruse wain

Bruse wain or batman I know you all are known him very well. Writer bill finger and artist Bob cane came up with the idea of the batman. But batman is inspired by the very well-known historical figure a famous worrier Robert the Bruse. He led Scotland against England during the Scottish war. And the second inspiration is Anthony Wayne. A war general during the American Revolution who became famous for winning the battle against opposition with bigger numbers, just like batman, Like a one-man army.
Buckey banners

Buckey banners

If you are a fan of Captain America you also know who is Buckey banners. He is the best friend of Captain America. They also of the same age and pair on to school together. But bucket was introduced in the comic books as a schoolboy, companion to the grownup Captain America. So he was actually based on a real-life school kid who was a stared basketball player. Buckey was created by Joessman and Jack Kerby.

Tony Stark

Iron man was created by Stan Lee, Jack Kearby, Larrey Liebre, and Don Heck. Iron Man was inspired by Howard hudges who was an inventor, Adventurer, billionaire, and playboy. Also, toney Starks had these same qualities too.

Who is real life Iron man?

I think you know about Elon Musk who is an Enterpurner, Investor rocket scientist, and inventor. And also he is the 23rd richest man in the world. So he had a very strong and clear vision to do something for the world and human beings. He is the founder of many successful companies like Tesla, Space X, Paypal, The boring company. And you know toney stark the fictional character Iron man also had a vision like Elon mask. Toney Starks also wanted to do something for the earth and human beings. He was created many successful projects like Elon Musk doing now. He created a project “Consumer Grade replacer power”( A form of cheap, wireless infinity – replenishable-environment-friendly energy). It sounds very similar project that Elon Musk doing now. Both of them are involved in the fields of Engineering, Transport, and space exploration. So these are the reasons why Elon Musk called real-life Iron Man
Professor x

Professor X

You know the professor X in X men. This character was created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby. In the x men series professor is the wisest mutant mentor. His name is Charles Xavier and also named professor x. The wonderful thing he is inspired by the famous Martin Luther King Junior.
Wonder woman

Wonder woman

Do you know the amazing powerful princess known as wonder woman was based on two strong and wonderful women from the real world. Wonder woman was created by William Momtain Marston. So his wife Elizabeth and his research assistance Olive Byrne were these powerful women.



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