We have to deal with the many people we meet in our daily lives. They can be your boyfriend or girlfriend. But they can be difficult to deal with. Comments do not match. Or some problems may arise during association. However, relationships with others are important for you to live in this world as well as to complete your life to the fullest. It is your responsibility to protect them. In order to live as a person who is loved by others, you need to strengthen your relationship with them. In today’s article, we will talk about four special points. If you understand them correctly and act on those essential elements, you will be able to work together with others.

1. See the healing and happiness of others.

Make yourself happy with those who associate with you. Do not always be jealous of their happiness. Always think of being good to others. Do what is good for others. Lovers rejoice in the happiness of their lover. Always act in a way that makes them happy. Think of his or her happiness as your own. Do not lie to them. Don’t do things that make them sad. If you are a friend, share their happiness with them without being jealous. Always think of it as your own happiness. When dealing with them, do only what they can to heal and enjoy. In this way, do only what is pleasing to all you associate with. It will quickly strengthen your and his relationship.
be kind

2. Be kind.

In dealing with others, be gentle and kind. That is, recognizing the suffering of others, understanding the suffering of others. Have pity on them in their grief. Never take advantage of the grief of those you associate with or laugh at them. Help them get rid of grief. Stay with your spouse when he or she is in distress. Never leave him or her alone. Compassionately help your spouse overcome that grief. Talk to him or her and strengthen the mind. Being kind to your friend when they are sad is a characteristic of a true friend. If you do not leave your friend alone in grief, many friends will join you in overcoming the grief that comes to you. The kinder you are, the closer you will be to them. It will help you to work collaboratively with everyone.
Rejoice in the happiness of others

3. Rejoice in the happiness of others.

There are two ways you can be happy in the happiness of others.
    1.To be truly happy about the happiness of others without jealousy.
    2.Keeps jealousy in the heart and shows that you are happy about the other person’s happiness.
Here is the first way we meant to be happy in the happiness of others. That is, to be truly happy with his or her happiness without jealousy, without any advantage. Happiness here refers to the happiness that one gets in life in terms of achievements, promotions, successes, etc. The relationship with him or her is very strong if you are happy with them without making them jealous at such times. Then you will be able to easily deal with the people you associate with and live with them.
Endure both happiness and sorrow alike.

4. Endure both happiness and sorrow alike.

This is the last point. Although this is a bit confusing, I do my best to explain it simply. This is about being able to experience both happiness and sorrow. That is, about the ability to withstand anything. Sometimes you may feel sad because of a friend or someone you associate with. It can happen. But if you get angry at it, there will inevitably be a conflict with him. Then you may lose a friend or partner in your life. Someday you will feel his or her lack too. But if you accept that tragic incident with a mediocre heart and tolerate it, the conflict will never arise. You will not lose that connection either. There is something special to be said about this fact. That is, never put too much hope in another person. Because, if that hope is somehow shattered, you will become frustrated and resentful with that friend or partner.   If you complete these four essential elements you can definitely build very strong relationships with others. If you do these four things according to your conscience you can definitely build strong relationships with your associates. We cannot live alone in this world. We have to deal with many people in society. There you have to associate them. So you must have these 4 essential elements in you. Practicing them will help you to strengthen those relationships. Or you may have to live as a person whose social outcasts.


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