Do we control our angry or angry control us

Do we control our anger? Does anger control us?

This article is about anger. Also, why get angry? Why Control Anger? How to control anger? Talking about things like that here. This article will be very important for you if you are very angry too, or if you get angry very quickly with those around you.

Do you accept that there are times when anger is important to us?

Anger is really a basic human emotion. Sadness, happiness, and anger are all caused by something in our brain. That is to say, there are times when it is important for us. That is why nature has given us such a feeling.
how anger is important to us.

Now you may be wondering how anger is important to us.

Man in the past, with the environment they lived in and the challenges they faced, it was important for them to maintain in their lives that this angry nature was aggressive or competitive. In fact, they used this anger to seize the limited resources of the past. They fought with each other and took possession of these. For example, when they see a victim, they use this anger to fight with others to take possession of it.
What kind of thing is this anger in society today?

What kind of thing is this anger in society today?

Today, if you behave aggressively to do something in society, society will certainly define you as an undeveloped human being. Marginalized from society. That’s why you need to learn to control your anger.People today consider the one who is extremely angry to be a fool and the one who is patient to be wise. seeing is believing. Too much fool gets too angry. Extremely angry people are excluded from society today. This is because others do not want to deal with them. Because he gets angry, there is always a problem.
Factors Affecting Anger

Factors Affecting Anger

What causes us to be angry? How quickly do we get angry? And how do we respond to this anger? These three things are varies from person to person. There are factors that can cause such differences from person to person. For example, personality, the growing environment, the ability to tolerate, the ability to understand something. And there are times when anger can be uncontrollable due to certain mental illnesses.
Did you know that excessive anger affects our health?

Did you know that excessive anger affects our health?

Do you know, anger is the cause of many illnesses. Frequent irritability and irritability in particular can lead to conditions such as heart disease, high blood pressure, and diabetes. It also directly affects our digestive system related diseases such as hemorrhoids and constipation. Excessive anger also impairs our immune system. It weakens us. The special thing is that being angry all the time is bad for our mental health and reduces our ability to make decisions and memory. Here are the reasons why we told you to control your anger.
What can we do to control our anger?

What can we do to control our anger?

We take a number of steps to control anger. Following these steps will help you to control your anger.

1st Step

Never, ever justify anger.

If we become angry and try to control, change, or punish someone, we are hurting ourselves. To avoid making such excuses when you are angry.

2nd Step

Stay away from things that make you angry.

When you stay away from things that make you angry, you can quickly forget your anger. If anger is caused by a person’s behavior or event, stay away from it.

3rd Step

Recognize the feeling of anger as soon as it arises.

If you feel angry because of something or a person, you can understand it as soon as possible and keep quiet or stay away from it.

4th Step

Calm yourself.

Calm yourself when you walk away from anger. You can do certain things about this. For example, breathe in, breathe out, and do something that clears the mind.

5th Step

Let go of anger in a positive way.

Controlling anger does not mean keeping anger in your heart. Because at some point you have to let go of that anger that is trapped in your heart. There are many ways to vent anger. For example, sing a song, draw a picture, or write an essay on your own until the anger subsides.

6th Step

Re-analyze the incident on your own.

This is not a reminder of your anger. Once your mind is calm, think carefully about what happened to you. If you have a flaw, understand it. Don’t go thinking about someone else’s fault.

7th Step

Develop good habits to control your anger.

For this, you can get accustomed to good physical activities such as walking, yoga, meditation. If you have a hobby, engage in it. You can control your anger quickly by practicing these good habits on a daily basis. You can control this anger by doing these 7 steps. If this is not the case then maybe you need medical attention to control your anger. Because certain mental illnesses can also cause you to become overly angry and unable to control your anger. Finally, you can control this anger and lead a quiet life without problems. Always make the incident that makes you angry a lesson for life.


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