Most unusual beds

Why we need a bed

We need to sleep because going into another level of consciousness every night  keeps our bodies and minds healthy. In other words, we spend one-third of our lives doing nothing, and if you live for 90 years, 30 years would be spent in sleep. When after a comfortable sleep You can start your day with more strength. If you have problems sleeping – an insomnia-curing bunk, that promises that you will snooze sound like a small baby again. Surely, with such a bed wouldn’t you like to add something out of a designer bedding collection to top it all off? Picking an ordinary comfortable bed may seem like a good idea, but the problem is, nobody will ever notice it. If you want to show off, you need a unique bed, and this list of cool and unusual bed and bedding designs is an excellent way to start. So In today’s article, we are talking about the most unusual beds in the world. Also, they look weird but they will give a comfortable feeling for sleeping. So which bed you like to sleep in. Just comment below in the comment section.
Book bed

Book bed

The book bed is made by a Japanese inventor named Yusuke Suzuki. This is a book-shaped bed and it can be folded up. The bed can also use as a play mat and this is a great idea to resolve the issues of lack of space. So this is great for a small space.

Roller coaster bed

Do you love the feeling of riding a roller coaster? This bed exactly like a roller coaster. But you can’t get the feeling of going up and down on a rollercoaster but you can get a good feeling and sleep comfortably. This is not only made for one person but also there have two flat places for two persons. This is also designed for a couple. But this was actually designed for an exhibition of furniture artwork. And it was exhibited at an art gallery in New York in 2008.


Do you like to sleep in a hamburger? The bed is 8′ in diameter and stands about 3′ tall. This was designed by Kayla Krome. But unfortunately, this is an ideal product and that was sold online as a fundraiser in 2009.

Vertical bed

Vertical bed

This is an idea of a Brazilian designer named Ernesto Neto. How about this comfortable. It’s like a marshmallow. And this bed is supporting you to sleep in an upright position. But I don’t know the feeling of how about standing up. This is good for standing sleepers.
Flat position bed

Fetal Position Bed

I think this bed has a very narrowed market. Is this your sleep position, if you buy this bed your sleep position must be like this, and also you have to wake up like that. Do you think is comfortable and you have enough room for sleep? I prefer to know your ideas about this bed. So just comment on your idea about this.
Barrel bed

 Beer Barrel

It is like a beer barrel. Actually it was a beer barrel and transformed into a comfortable room and also the barrel belonged to the 19th century. There has enough space for two persons. I think beer lovers also love this bed.

Sonic bed

Sonic bed

This one looks so cool and I think you can feel safe on this bed. Basically this whole bed is made out of speakers so you can listen to music even sleeping. And also this bed has an inbuilt webcam and software system.
Floating bed

Floating bed

This isn’t Photoshop. This is an actual bed that floating. Usually, we use wooden, Upholstered, and Metal Bed Frames but this bed is made of magnets. There are very strong magnets that can make the bed floating. But unfortunately, this bed is very expensive. more than a million Euros, This looks like a very minimalistic atmosphere. This seems to get out of a space movie. This bed can hold up to 900kg weight. So think how much creativity these designers have. You can also design a bed or anything like this. You have to only think out of the box. Finely thank you for reading and comment below what is your favorite bed with the reason why is it your favorite.


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