10 great secrets you have to know

Paintings are not just some drawings. Art is the reflection of reality the way artists see it. Sometimes artists add some unnoticeable details in their work. So sometimes, that message is discovered many years later. So this article is about some of them.

Brain for Adam

Michelangelo was an exceptional artist; one of his famous portraits is the creation of Adam. You know Michelangelo was a very religious creator and, in most cases, always associated his work with the church. If you look really closely at the portrait, you can see a brain. Many believe the painting demonstrates man’s mind creating God. Others believe it’s Michelangelo telling us its God who is giving Adam ‘us’ the divine gift of intelligence through the touch of the finger.
Where is the Mona Lisa's eyebrows?

Did Leonardo Da Vinci forget to paint Mona Lisa’s eye brows?

See the painting more closely. Did you realized before that Mona Lisa doesn’t have eye brows…
What is the reason for this?
Is that masterpiece unfinished?

The Secret of the Mona Lisa’s Eye Brows…

Due to the fashion in at that time, there is a well-known fact, especially at a certain level of society, the same as other fashions were inspired by monarchs to cover their what was perceived un perfection. In the middle ages, women shaved off their eye brews. Because they needed a large forehead, they needed an absolutely blank face, without many expressions, so is that the real reason?
No…We must be thankful to the Parisian Engineer Pascal Cotte for finding the real reason….
In the year 2007, Cotte examined the portrait of the Mona Lisa for 3000 hours with his Ultra detailed Digital scans using a 240mp camera to see the traces of left eyebrow…Then Cotte realized that the painting was drowned with both eyebrows and eyelashes. Still, we have to remember that some of the paint colors used in that time were not stable, and sometimes artists apply the details like eyebrows and eyelashes on the top of the layer. So, according to that reason, Cotte had concluded that eyebrows and eyelashes might erase while cleaning the painting.

The secret of the last suppar

The hidden musical score of the last supper

The last supper is an Inspirational painting created by Da Vinci. It shows the moment of Jesus having his last meal with his 12 students. I think you may know this story… Did you know about the hidden secrets behind this painting? A hidden musical score is one of them. You know Da Vinci is a multi-talented person. He was also a musician. An Italian musician, Mr. Pala, has created a 40-second melody from the allegedly hidden notes in the scene. The notes made no sense until Mr. Pala realized that the score had to be read from right to left, so it was Da Vince’s writing style.
The wrong ear

The Wrong ear

The history of Van Gogh is super messed up and blurred. We do know a part of his ear was cut off by himself. In this painting, we can see the bandage covering Van Gogh’s right ear. But the funny and amazing fact is his right was always well, and he had lost a part of his left ear. Some mistakenly think that he lost part of his right ear instead of his left. The reason for that is Van Gogh used a mirror for his self-portraits.
The vision of Van gogh

The van’s vision

In almost Vicente Van Gogh’s works, yellow colors seem dominant. Van Gogh had epilepsy, The reason for that could be his meditations side effects. Also, he sees the world almost as we see in his paintings.
The tooth less leesa

Toothless Lisa

Joseph Borkowski, an art critic, carefully studied the Mona Lisa painting he says that a woman’s portrait doesn’t have front teeth. So it is one of the reasons for Lisa’s famous mysterious look.
The scream

The secret behind the Munch’s scream

One day Edward Munch and a couple of friends went for a walk along the water’s edge, during sunset. I think during the sunset you have ever seen the colors of the sky. Also, the Munch saw this too. But his eyes saw something else than us. In his diary, he had written that “There were blood and tongs of fire above the blue-black fiord the city. My friends walked on, and I stood there trembling with anxiety, and I scene an infinite scream passing through nature.”
The symble of the strength

The symbol of the strength

This is another fresco of David and Goliath created at cysteine by Michelangelo. You can see in the picture there is a hidden letter. It symbolizes strength. It is not a surprise that the painting also looks powerful.
The hidding woman

The hidden woman

If you look closely at Picasso’s “ The old guitarist “ portrait, you will see a woman silhouette. By using infrared technology, scientists found a few other figures concealed beneath. The reason for this is Picasso couldn’t afford to buy canvases and had to reuse an old one.
Strangers in the mirror

Strangers in the mirror

This is a great portrait named “The Arnolfini ” created by Jan Van Eyck. When one takes a closer look, he can see there is a hidden thing. Eyck captured every detail in this painting, including this mirror showing us the back of our subjects. When you look closer, you will see two people in the reflection.


  1. At the Munch’s scream when the sun set behind the clouds it causes a red / orange to purple to orange glow even was an old mariners poem common phrase ” Red sky at morning ” is a line from an ancient rhyme often repeated by mariners.
    Red sky at night, sailors’ delight.
    Red sky at morning, sailors take warning

    The rhyme is a rule of thumb used for weather forecasting during the past two millennia. It is based on the reddish glow of the morning or evening sky, caused by haze or clouds related to storms in the region. If the morning skies are red, it is because clear skies over the horizon to the east permit the sun to light the undersides of moisture-bearing clouds. The saying assumes that more such clouds are coming in from the west. Conversely, in order to see red clouds in the evening, sunlight must have a clear path from the west, so therefore the prevailing westerly wind must be bringing clear skies. google red sky itll show many pics of the same thing not always volcanic just the position of a sun esp in summer rising or setting


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