How to identify real friends

1How to identify good and bad friends.

How to identify real friends

Friendship is a wonderful word.

We meet different kinds of friends during our lifetime. Friendships formed for various reasons, friendships formed for various purposes, friends met at school, and friends who can be introduced as true friends are found in our daily lives. The value of a friend cannot be overstated. It is also impossible to conclude the possible destruction caused by wrong friends. Today’s article is written for that precious friend.
Friendship is a wonderful word

Who are called friends?

One of the phrases I hear from a young age is “do make real friends.” But who is this friend? That’s what we’ll talk about as the article progresses. Before that, you need to identify who the friend is.
Love is essential for people to live in. The person who has not received enough love hates society itself. And so is friendship. You can’t be friends with everyone you see in life. One can have good friends in life for less than the number of fingers on the hand. If a person shows a good face to everyone he meets, he is a hazardous person. We say that is because the only time we have real friends is when we are in trouble. They are the true meaning of the word friend. A friend who is with us both in our happy and sad situations can be called a real friend.
Why we neeed friends

Why do we need friends?

Why do we need one or more best friends in life? Someone may think so. Another may think it is better to be alone. Yes, you can be alone if you do not really have the right friends to associate with. But when you have a few friends looking for you, who do not isolate you according to your ideas, you unknowingly find strength and joy in your heart.
But who is the friend that fits your ideas? You will understand it as you read the article forward.
But some make friends like this, like Inhumans, who only hope for profit. Such a person can ruin your very precious life. Therefore, it is wise to know the identity of the friend.
No one is better than a friend who tries to solve some of the problems that come into one’s life.
Why friends for benefits

Why friends who are only for benefits?

The important thing is that it takes a long time for others to recognize these dangerous people. Sometimes a person may not recognize the person’s true nature for the rest of his life. Under the guise of friendship, these people hope for help. Or something of a nation we never dreamed of. Such cunning men show a smiling face on the outside, but there is an inhuman mind that puts jealousy ahead on the inside.
A good friend needs to share his thoughts with others. That’s when friendship comes into play. Some people even pull out all the subtleties of their friends by twisting the story. But they do not share anything with others. Not only this, with the help of fire, you can do welding. They are truly jealous of your progress and your life.
Befriending such miserable people unknowingly ruins their life. Such friendships can even ruin family life. Some people are very fond of women. These people are fulfilling their subtle desires by chatting with any lady. You do not want to be frustrated if you cannot get the right pitch, so invest in a good capo. Today we hear the miserable life stories of people who lost their families due to such sinful friends.

Best friends and Good humanity

Humanity and a good friend. At first glance, it looks like an incongruous relationship. But with good credit, you might find exactly what you need. Let me give you a small example.
There were two brothers in the same family. They both went to two colleges for higher education. But one brother was with a group of excellent friends. They were well educated and lived productively for society. His friends help him a lot of academically as well as with everyday problems.
But the other brother was with a group of friends who were quite different. They lived a life of violence to other people as well as avoiding academic work. They wasted their money on excessive drug use. Eventually, he had to become such a miserable man because of his friends. He eventually had to stop his studies.
The example above illustrates the relationship between friends and humanity.
Friends directly impact the development of a human being with a very high level of humanity.
We have many such examples in today’s society. You have seen instances where innocent parents have to go to jail to see their children. Bad associations spoil useful habits.
We also hear stories of innocent poor parents who go to great heights with the help of friends who nurture their children and express their gratitude to their parents.
Because of the above, it seems that best friends directly influence a person’s emergence with good humanity in society.
You have to also be a goood friend

It would be best if you also were a good friend.

So far, we have been talking about having a good friend. But not only that, you should be a good friend to him too. After reading this article, you may well understand the characteristics of a real friend. It would help if you showed the same qualities. You also need to help your friend succeed in life. You also want them available to answer your questions when you are feeling uncertain about your suit. If you find that a friend is going the wrong way, it is your responsibility to point out your friend’s shortcomings and guide him on the right path. Never abandon him. How beautiful society is when we all become friends with our friends in this way. Think
Eventually, Bill Gates teamed up with his friend Paul Allen to find Microsoft, Larry Page teamed up with his friend Sergey Brin to find google, Jack ma teamed up with 16 of his friends to find Alibaba, and Mark Zuckerberg teamed up with his friends to find Facebook. …. what do you do with your friends … think well, stay with friends.

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