Stop making excuses

Stop making excuses and start making changes

These excuses are the biggest mistake that man makes unknowingly today from a young age. As a child, you are accustomed to looking for excuses for things you miss every day, not just doing it on time, or doing what you want to do. From the time a child goes to school until he grows up, he is accustomed to just skipping work to find excuses for this.

Billionaire without excuses
The reason for bringing such a different kind of article today is because of the life story of a person I met the other day. I really think there is something you can take from his life. Therefore, the purpose of this article is to give something to your life through this article.

Story of a man who will Die as a billionaire without any excuses…

I recently met a person who is a very successful businessman. In fact, he is a billionaire. But he lost his whole family in a car accident years ago when he was an ordinary citizen working in the government. In time, he developed cancer. At that time he had started his own business but he had to stop due to illness. Going bankrupt … everyone around him leaves. To this day, he cannot work hard because of cancer. He has no parents, no siblings, no wife, and no children. Doctors say he could die at any time. But he works very hard. When things were lost he had more goals, dreams … When something was lost he would not hang on to it but he would get up … He would die as a billionaire …
The secret

The secret…

How did he succeed in facing so many troubles? What is his secret? I was so excited to find out. That’s why I had a conversation with him. This is what he said there.How did you get so far? No one in this world had as many reasons to give up life as I did. There could be a thousand other reasons for losing a life. But everyone has a dream. I did one thing, I was not looking for a reason to give up any of those dreams.Sometimes I would not be here today if I quit my job looking for excuses. An excuse is a self-justification; a reason is an explanation.
No excuses
Our excuses are really killing us without heart.I had a conversation with him and one of his statements that I will never forget. If he had skipped work looking for excuses I would not be here today. You all have a habit of making excuses to get away with missing a task or a heavy task. Or when he is unable to do his work, he makes excuses to free his mind from it.

Get motivated without excuses…

Excuses sound best, People can make their feeling better, They can stop feeling sorry for them self. Do you tired, didn’t you enough sleep, do you have not energy. Don’t you have time, don’t you have money. If you think you have done enough, just take a little rest, you don’t need to go hard, It’s too cold, too hot. I’m too hungry I’m too old I’m too young. It’s so easy to say…

Don’t worry about what others have and what you don’t have.Avoid from this excuses…

So work harder than them. Stop making excuses, stop wasting your valuable time. Go take the action…Recognize the excuses have no value…They are for losers…No more excuses make a decision Yes or No. Just think are you going to make yourself better or yourself worst…Are you going to win…Just Yes or No…you know the right decision…Failure doesn’t need an excuse. Failure is more likely than success. Not accepting failure is an admirable trait. Accepting reality is also equally admirable. To fail or not to fail? There is only one way to ensure that you will not fail, and that is not to try. So I’ll continue to fail, learning as I do. Holding on to those brief moments of success, as a reason to try again.
work harder

You are not getting any closer to your winning plan until you get up and start to work…Don’t wait anymore, don’t think anymore, don’t plan anymore…
If you want it, Go and get it…Take the risk, take the first step, take the action now…
You have the time, you have the knowledge, you have the skill, you have the discipline.No matter how many turning points in life, no matter how many valuable moments you have in life, at some point if you try to find excuses for a problem your mind will weaken. By weakening your mind you are definitely a weak person. Then you will lose not only your dreams but also your goals in life. What happens, in the end, is that you become a loser.
Man who Understands this never seeks excuses and never destroys his life.
Everything begins with a challenge. This is your time.

No more excuses.

Remember to never give up is to ever deliver the promise you made to yourself.



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