10 Ways to get rid from depression

What is Depression

How Depression actually feels like

Depression is a feeling and also it is hard to explain. Turn a feeling into words is very difficult.
Can you imagine, when you wake up in the morning and you realize the first time your whole family or everyone you care about is dead, now you don’t have your family anymore. You have the only horror everywhere you look, You can’t run away from it, you have to deal with this forever. your chest feels like it’s sinking. you don’t know how to stop it. The voice in your head becomes your enemy,
I think this is a feeling that is so nearest to depression.
Now you can feel why people to suicide.

Get rid of disprssion

How to get rid from Depression


1.Wake up early in the morning…

Try to get up early in the morning, preferably before sunrise… The earlier you wake up, the better. Start going out of your comfort zone at home: take cold showers… Try to catch the sun everyday for 10mins. Do Yoga, you can find plenty of stuff online.it makes us physically fit and no doubt in turn mentally balanced and do it on a regular basis .. the main effect will be on the brain ..as yoga increases the level of hormones that makes us happy… ..Do walk around your block. If you have actually forgotten the delight of strolling, then take your dog (or obtain one from a neighbor) and also concentrate on his joy as well as antics for many minutes. Feed the birds. Grab your sports shoes and just go for a walk, if possible a run/jog…. This is more than enough to elevate the energy level for rest of the day…
Do new things for get rid of despression

2. Do a brand new thing…

Do something that you like… To be honest it helped me a lot. Find purpose through hobbies like sports, music, reading, gardening or cooking, friendships; volunteering, and clubs, Put your time to good use. Learn a new language or skill such as computer programming. The best way to find happiness is to become meaningfully involved in something. Immersing yourself in travel and nature, or in artwork like movies or paintings can help you regain a sense of beauty in life. Practice Buddhism.
live in present for get rid of despression

3. Live in the present…

Try to stop thinking about the past…I know personally, you will not be completely able to do this but just try, if you change your thinking perspective, you find yourself in a better position. Always remember that nothing is more valuable than your life. Life is not fair, get used to it. The bitter truth is you can’t always win the war. If you get stuck in some deep situations, you keep fighting to solve your problem. It is a problem we face that makes us stronger and better. believe in yourself and be consistent. Live in the present…you should not go to your past days and should not worry about your future. And stop overthinking…it comes up with problems that don’t even exist. Remember you always have “options”

4. Avoid negative thinking…

Have a support network of people, places, and things Quit trying to “fix” other people. Be responsible for your feelings Know your limitations and let others know them to smile. Smiling, even for nothing, tricks the mind and releases happy hormones. Avoid negative people Stop saying negative things to yourself Desensitize yourself (little by little) by exposing you to some situation that makes you uncomfortable/anxious.
listning to music

5. Stop listening to depressing music or sad songs…

Soft songs, depressing music, sad songs, lo-fi music, and anything that will make you reconnect with your depression once again definitely avoid it. These kinds of songs are a bit of heart touching I know and they also somewhat relates to your current situations too. But the fact is to avoid it as much as you can. Watch stand up comedy. Memorize a joke. Don’t watch horror or sad stories. Read a poem Listen to a symphony Watch a ballet Read a story curled up in bed Do sports (at home, if you feel more comfortable) Plant a tree and feed it. If you have a pet, cuddle with it more often and take care of it. It will make you shift your focus to something else.

6. Just quit from bad habits…

Quit smoking and avoid drinking alcohol. Stop a bad habit. If you have any bad habit, that society states as bad you have to leave it. Not because it might be damaging you but because involving in such things causes a feeling of shame which is a big contributor to depression.

7. Take a break…

Take a different route to work. Leave work early (with permission) go on holiday, one problem is not going to change/affect the whole world. Just go on a picnic
Keeping a journal

8. Start writing in a journal daily…

Daily journal writing assists you check your state of mind so you could stop depression in its tracks. Evaluating your diary helps you discover the pattern of your moods so you could take steps to stay clear of an oncoming depressive episode.

9. Go see a psychotherapist and/or psychiatrist…

Obtain counseling and/or medication for your condition. It helps to tell someone about your problems. Depression is chemical, and you can help reset your neurochemistry within a few days of taking prescribed medicine.
Dont giveup

10. Don’t give up…

Depression can make you want to hide away from the world and disappear. It’s okay to take some time out but give yourself a time limit and then do something productive to improve your mood. Avoid negative people. Stop saying negative things to yourself. Become a good listener. Set a goal and work for it….don’t go for big steps. Take small steps and enjoy your improvement. Start to use the word THANK YOU in your conversations.

Depression can be well managed (I know this from personal experience) and there can be a wonderful life beyond depression. Hang in there and keep the faith.


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