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Physical wounds heal over time, but the emotional strain that keeps a woman up at night the crimes are getting more brutal and horrifying as these incidents come to light and the most horrifying fact is that more than about 80–90% of these cases are never reported. What’s stops them you ask? Our society, of course.

Injustied woman

There are women in every country in the world who have been subjected to injustice…

Whether on religious grounds, on cultural grounds, being deceived in the name of love, or being disguised by another powerful figure, there are plenty of female characters scattered throughout history for all sorts of reasons .. Medusa is my The woman who has been in my heart since that time, the most (as far as I can feel) the most oppressed woman in the world, whether she is a monster or a monster, is a woman. Keep it for Medusa.

Story of “Medusa the cursed woman”

Medusa is more beautiful than the gods, especially since she had the most beautiful hair that even the Olympian goddesses envied. No matter how beautiful humans and gods came to her, Medusa wanted to remain a virgin. Because her favorite goddess was Athena. She wanted to remain the high priestess or attendant of the temple dedicated to Athena. Athena was one of the three virgins in the Greek Church. So to be Athena’s goddess, Medusa must be a virgin.
Tha woman hated by Atheena

The women who hated by Athena

Medusa is dedicated to the Temple of Athena. More and more people are flocking to the Temple of Athena. See the statue of Medusa rather than worshiping for that Athena.  Athena hates Medusa, but she cannot punish the innocent Medusa. Knowing nothing, Medusa becomes more and more devoted to Athena.

Defenseless woman…

One morning, while walking along the Medusa beach, Poseidon caught sight of the sea. That time he tries to seduce her, she tells him that she is a priestess dedicated to Athena and that she should preserve her virginity. When Poseidon, the god of bathing, tries to seduce Medusa, she runs to the temple for protection and seeks Athena’s help. But at that time the temple was not guarded. Or Athena may not have listened to Medusa. Medusa is abused by Poseidon and also becomes pregnant. As soon as the intercourse is over, Athena appears in the temple.

A goddess curses a victimized woman

The priestess is no longer pure. And their temple is polluted. Athena gets angry. Taking advantage of the opportunity, Athena curses Medusa. A goddess curses a victimized woman by a god. Eventually, he becomes a helpless Medusa monster with no guilt in his hand!
The woman became a monster

Beautiful woman became a Monster

Medusa’s beautiful hair turns into a snake from Athena’s curse. The lower part turns into a snake. She continues to apologize. As a token of appreciation for her service, Athena grants Athena a chance to justify her mistake. That would make anyone who looked into her eyes petrified. But the two sisters of Medusa who came forward for the injustice done to Medusa have to become monsters with Medusa due to Athena’s curse. Known as the Gorgon sisters, these three sisters were the ones who had to pay the price for their actions in the area called the Gods.

Battle of the eveil woman

Battle of the evil woman

Many who went to take Medusa’s head became stone statues. But with Hades’ invisible helmet, Athena’s mirror shield, Hermitis’ flying shoes, and Zeus’ sword, Perseus beheads Medusa and becomes a hero.

Then Perseus takes the Pegasus horse, another child of Medusa and Poseidon, born of Medusa’s blood, and wins the battle of the Titans. Finally, Medusa’s head is placed in Athena’s shield. In other wars, Medusa’s head has been used to stone opponents. Other sources make it clear that Medusa’s head was buried in Agos.
Justice for Medusa

The last justice for Medusa

It was Athena who masterminded Perseus’ plan to kill Medusa. Although Monster killed Medusa in Greek mythology and made Perseus a hero, the last justice for Medusa was the installation of a 7-foot-tall bronze Medusa statue by Italian sculptor Luciano Garbati in 2008 before a court in Manhattan yesterday. Instead of the usual statue of Perseus holding Medusa’s head, Medusa holds Perseus’ head in her hand and stares painfully in the face, representing a feminist statue of justice and equality. Medusa, who was raped, cursed, finally beheaded, died but became more and more used to representing #metoomovement.
Rise your voice

Raise your voice. You could be the next woman.

I love this statue for the female souls who suffer from the wrongdoings of stupid men, the abuse of wicked women. The femininity should rises up and fights against rapists, criminals, murderers, and thugs who try to trample on them. I love the humanity that cries out for that sacred femininity, that does not allow justice to be diluted… My love for everyone who comes forward for a thousand Medusas…

Raise your voice. You could be the next woman. Do anything you can Against those bastards….



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