A millionaire beggar

I have heard about beggers having a huge amount of money with them. Sometimes the bigger thing is one big mafia done by goons. One guy controls all the network of beggars, they have their areas allocated. Like a sales or marketing person, their monthly and weekly targets are fixed. Many times they have to pay for the area of their likes. It’s completely planned, Are all beggers the same ?

Are all of the beggars living a double life

Are all of the beggars living a double life?

No… Not of all beggars living a double life…Some of them are really poor… Even helpless little children sometimes fall into poverty because of their helplessness.  Such helpless children are found in countries like India, Sri Lanka, etc.  But no one hesitates to help them.  Because we all have a soft heart. We are all human. But begging has also become a business today.  There are many non-human beings living in today’s society who earn money by deceiving people by showing helplessness.  They are punished by nature itself, but because of such inhuman and deceitful people, people do not even come forward to help the really helpless people.

Why some one doesn’t give money to the beggars.

Because they…

Don’t want to get emotionally fool.
They don’t need their hard-earned money to go to an under served person.
Don’t want to be the reason for society failure( if you get money for free, why you will work).
They don’t like to get cheated ( many time they spend money on alcohol or tobacco).
It kills their desire to work( they think that begging is a work).
Sometimes they don’t accept what we want to give, they demand what we want( once a beggar returned me 2 rupees coin demanding minimum 5 rupees ).

The richest beggars in the world

The richest beggars in the world

  • Bharat Jain – Owner of two luxurious flats.
  • Eisha, an Arabain Centenarian – His property worth is $10,66,580
  • Simon Wright – Yearly earns £50,000.
  • Ted Williams – He has a talent for singing and also he is a millionaire beggar
  • Krishna Kumar Gite – Earns around Rs. 2000 per day.
  • Massu – The beggar who takes an auto-rickshaw to “work”
  • Sambhaji Kale – He is a owner of multiple properties in different cities of Maharashtra.
  • Saravatia Devi – She is paying Rs. 36000 annually for her insurance.
  • Professor Irwin Corey – He is not begging for him.
These are the top richest beggars in the world. You can find more details about them on the internet.

Where are the most of beggars from?

India According to Google, a total number of 4,13,670 beggars are residing in India, including 2,21,673 males and 1,91,997 females beggars in the country.
a story of acheating beggar

A story of a cheating beggar

This is a piece of news I saw on social media. A recent story from Sri Lanka. It is my opinion that such deceitful persons should be punished. It is revealed that the beggar who begs near the Kochchikade church during the day is a millionaire in Maharagama. The beggar who was arrested for stealing a fruit basket while begging in front of the Kochchikade Church is a millionaire from the Maharagama, Pamunuwa area, according to the Coastal Police. The 64-year-old suspect, a resident of Pamunuwa, had a Wagon R and another luxury car in his house. His house is also a luxury two-story house and the upper floor of the house has been rented for Rs. 30,000 per month, the senior police officer said.
Beggar and also a Thief
According to the police, the suspect was begging in front of the church but he was living a very luxurious life.About a few days ago a complaint was lodged with the coastal police regarding the theft of a fruit cart worth about 20,000 rupees parked on Jampata street near the Kochchikade church. According to the complaint, a team of Coast Guard officers inspected the scene and CCTV cameras, and CCTV footage showed the suspect stealing the cart and pushing it. Accordingly, the suspect has been identified and the police have revealed that he is a beggar in front of the church. The suspect was arrested by the police while begging near the church. Police have also recovered the stolen cart. Police say that the suspect had earned more than Rs. 5,000 a day by begging near the church.
Maybe you laugh or get frustrated.
People are in this situation. We have become so deceitful that they even betray their souls for money. There are plenty of non-humans in society today who make money by exploiting helplessness. But what I do not understand is how they lose their happiness, freedom, and dignity for money. As you continue reading the article you will understand what I mean by happiness here. In the short time that a human being lives, we want to live freely physically as well as mentally. All it takes is happiness. You all know that we all make money to maintain that happiness. But if the money is earned by cheating others, how can it bring happiness to the mind.
How to give something for a beggar

How to give something for a beggar

All of the beggars are not cheaters. So just give it with a happy heart…you don’t know how the poor family will feel…some of them cry…some of them feel very happy and can’t describe their feelings.
Another advice: give it in secret ..no need to take a humiliating selfie and make the poor famous on social media…the poor people have soft hearts and they are very sensitive…they will feel shy…they might feel very low…just respect their dignity and don’t feed your ego.

Why being kind important.
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