4 facts to happy future from sad past
It is not your fault you were born poor.  But if you die poor, it is your fault. This statement has a deeper meaning than you think.  Today this article talks about that meaning.

Analyze the past vs the future

A sad past and a happy future.  What’s in the middle here?  Or what makes sadness to happy? Is that magic?  So what is that magic? I call that magic attempt. Did you smile  In fact, what you defined as magic is Excessive effort? The dryer wins.  You have heard this before.  So do the poor and the rich.  The magic that turns sadness into happiness is an attempt. All those who are considered to be successful people in society today, including the top businessmen in the society, have got all these things due to their efforts.  People who did not have a home to live in. People who could not quench their hunger have won life today because of their diligence. Of course, they could not forget the trouble they faced. But it is also impossible to say how happy they are today.  They have won everything they need today. They have got everything they missed in the past Many of those who have won because of their efforts tell us about their experiences.
Sad past

Think the past is what

“People laughed at me when I picked up the mic for the first time. I was teased. It was so shocking. I came home and thought I’d get out of this. A week later I told myself. ‘No I have to do this somehow’ I think I was encouraged to do this because people didn’t trust me. I wanted to show everyone that they were wrong. No matter what anyone said I wanted to change that. In the end, it worked. ” The above is a quote made by Eminem, a world-renowned singer. Suffering from an early age, he even tried to commit suicide. But he worked hard alone and today he is a singer that the whole world loves. There is so much that people can take from his life today. “When I first ran there were no shoes to wear. At my first national-level competition, Dad bought me two normal shoes. I handwrote it as Adidas. But today Adidas makes shoes under my name.” Hima Das, a world-class runner, tells his life story to the world that attempt is stronger than all that, no matter how poor. There are some, Life is broken, thinking of defeat, Oh, I can’t get rid of this. I have no effort, those who think like this, But if you think about it, people who think so, There is too much effort… But there is a difference in the way it is implemented… Those who think like that can learn a great lesson from the lives of people like Eminem, Hima Das. If they use their efforts properly for their success, everyone can turn their sorrows into happiness.
worry about the past and anxiety about the future

Worry about the past and anxiety about the future

  There are other people in today’s society who think they are very helpless and then regret it. They think that fate cannot be changed. But if you listen to the life story of American Jesica Cox, you will understand that there is no such thing as the fate of the world. There is only interest and effort in the world. “Born in the United States on February 2, 1983, Jessica Cox is a woman who changed her destiny. She is disabled from birth. She lost both her arms. But Jessica wins life. Can work with both hands but among many people who are defeated in this world, Jessica finds life. At that time everyone started looking at this child who had no arms. The little girl is helpless in front of those compassionate eyes. But that mother and father teach their child life to move forward. Jessica, who has no arms, learns gymnastics at age three. Then at the age of six, she started playing taekwondo. Six more years later she wins the black belt. Jessica didn’t think the loss of both hands was a problem. The law of the land later interfered with Jessica’s hard-earned driver’s license. Jessica is training to fly an airplane because it is illegal to drive on the road. That was in 2005. Exactly three years later, on October 10, 2008, this aspiring and courageous daughter became the world’s first arm less pilot.”

Rich vs poor mindset

There is no such thing as the fate of the world. Jessica tells the whole world that there is only effort and interest. Courageous people like Jessica are an asset to the world in a world where people are begging despite their four arms and legs being strong.

Thus, the past story of a large number of those who are on a successful journey from all over the world today is sad and they have conquered life today because of their efforts.
This is what I have to mention at the end.
Once Eric Thomas said ” At some point in life you have to face your fears.” “All roads that lead to success have to pass through hard work boulevard at some point.” So Try and Try one day you can definitely  fly. 


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