Why we have to bond with our pets

why we have to bond with our pets


Why dogs are man’s best friend easy

From ancient times the dog has been man’s best friend as well as the pet. Sometimes it also acts as a protector of man. We have heard of the relationship between man and dog, even in the hunting era of the past. In this article, I will tell you about a dog’s life and the love and humanity that should be shown to animals through an event I saw.
Having dogs is a good hobby …. Playing with a dog at leisure means losing stress all day…Not the only way we all want to have dogs. Some people love dogs but do not like to keep dogs indoors. Others do not like to keep dogs with their children inside the house. Similarly, there are those who keep dogs as the guardian of the house. If a rogue enemy comes to the house, the dog is the first to be notified. Also, if a visitor comes to the house, the dog is the first to inform.
We can have several pets in a lifetime. But dogs only encounter one owner in a lifetime. So let’s take care of them.

How should we treat dogs

Today we are going to talk about how to treat all animals, including dogs, humanely, in line with an incident I encountered one day.

A crying dog on a deserted street

Born in an urban environment, I have had unconditional love for dogs since I was a child. That’s why I had two pets. But both of them are Rottweilers. (A best-selling dog in the community). Therefore, they were given all the food and medicine they needed. They did not move out of the house on their own but owned the land. They seem to be best friends with the members of the household, even though they seem very dangerous. Outsiders thought twice before entering the house because they were afraid of the sound of grunts coming from the direction of the house. They also have two separate rooms outside the house for the safety of visitors. This is because they do not allow strangers to enter the house or the garden. Can’t even imagine what would happen if they got caught.

why we have to bond with our pets

One day after dinner I was getting ready to go to bed after giving dinner to these two friends of mine (Pets). Unlike usual, there was strange loneliness in the environment. It was a bit of a sleepless night for me too.
Around 1 in the morning, I heard a car parked in front of the house because my two pets were also barking somewhat. After a while, I heard the sound of the parked vehicle being revived. Gradually the sound faded, but I had some doubts because there was an unprecedented sense of loneliness in the environment.
The time was around 1.30 am. From their grunts, I could tell that the two pets were doing some sort of search near the wall of the house. After a while, a dog barked outside the wall. At that moment my two pets started barking together. Can’t even think about sleep right now. But the barking of a dog coming out of the wall took on a somewhat Childish form, like the sound of a small puppy. I looked at the wall because of the darkness but nothing was visible. But that childish barking can still be heard. I went back to sleep as my two pets were awake.

When I woke up the next morning, the first thing that came to my mind was the morning incident.  I quickly went to the gate and checked.  Alas, I later understood why the vehicle that came in the morning had arrived. And not for anything else.  A very cute white puppy had been thrown out of the wall.  I looked at this friend sitting under a flower bush outside the wall and blaming heartily on the In humans who had abandoned the puppy. How do people behave so badly?  If the helpless puppy is on the road, it will inevitably get caught in a moving vehicle. But if I was taken into the house, my two friends would be shocked to see this unfamiliar guest.
Then I quickly went and first of all took the two of them to their cages and locked them up for breakfast.  Then I went back to the street and brought the puppy to my house and fed him.

The way the puppy ate that meal made me feel like he had been fasting for days.
Then I cleaned him well and reserved a space in my house for him.
That guest who used to come to my house like that is now with my other two pets like brothers.  Befriending them was a very difficult task for me.  But unlike my first two pets, he was a normal dog (an ordinary dog on the street). It does not require special care or attention.  But not a single snake coming into my garden is allowed to go back alive.  She protects me from accidents as if she were thankful for me.

The special thing is that unlike the two pets I bought, the new pets adapted very quickly to my environment.

why we have to bond with our pets

Dog keeping meaning

Having a dog you buy nowadays is like a wave … Some people make dogs for fun, but then they miss out on the medicine they need ….. They sell pets when they can’t afford the cost or when they lose their love for pets … .. then the dog becomes ill without eating or drinking. That’s because it’s sad that there is no owner who has been accustomed to the pet since he was a child …. and it costs a lot to buy a good dog … but a normal dog does not cost money …. it is not difficult to find … Giving life to pups is a good social mission. That is true humanity.

why we have to bond with our pets

The summary of the above story should be the true embodiment of humanity that people speak of in the world today. Because we should also show kindness to animals. For they have no other recourse. According to true humanity, the heart must be warm enough to help helpless animals.

Treats dogs with kindness and respect

Humanity really needs to be shown to animals because they can’t talk and express their pain. Animals like dogs and cats live in houses and other animals live in the environment around us. You all need to keep in mind that this world is not just a place for man. We are just one living entity in this world. Animals have the same rights we have to this world. Therefore, it is our duty to live without harassment.

why we have to bond with our pets

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