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It’s important to be kind.

I think kindness means to treat everyone in a way that you would like to be treated. It doesn’t matter who the person is, how they look, or how they act. You also shouldn’t need a reason to be kind to others. Kindness will come naturally after practicing it a lot.

But someone can think…So many other things seem to have far more value — being powerful and in control, being famous, being brilliant, being rich and successful.

So they think as being kind still doesn’t have a high priority.

In fact, being a caring and kind person seems to have acquired a bad rap:If I’m kind, people will see me as weak and not respect me.

Why is kindness linked with weakness?

Is it possible to be kind as well as smart, successful, and powerful? Are they mutually exclusive?

“No” — these qualities are not mutually exclusive at all.

Happiness, Joy and Inner Fullness

Kindness to ourselves and with others takes away emptiness, replacing it with the fullness of love, inner peace, and a sense of personal power.

Once Forrest Gump said…

“I’m not a smart man but I know what love is.”

What does it cost you to be kind to others? Nothing. You will only give a positive impression of yourself, without making even a great effort. Greet, smile, say “thank you” and maybe give way to a woman or an elderly person. It doesn’t take long, does it?

It makes you feel better &  it’s cost nothing.

Remember, one act of kindness ignites another one. Together, the world is improved little by little.

This story I’m going to tell you has been the internet for a long time. It is very heart touching and I didn’t note that tears running out from my eyes while I was reading this… Read till the end it will be interesting.

Story of the “Glass of Milk”

Once in a small town, there lived a poor little boy named Paul. He had to earn money for his school and house rent by working on the street. And he also helped his mother to buy food.

One day he was very tired and hungry when he doing his usually daily routine. He knew the nearest bakery selling delicious buns. Paul really liked their buns once he tasted. So he wanted to taste again their buns. Then he ran to the doorstep of the bakery and stop for a moment for checking his pockets. He realized that he only had one coin…

His stomach was begged for food, But Paul did not have enough money to buy even a small pieces of a bun…

So he decided to continue his work with his hungry belly. But his hunger pulls him to think do something that made him feel extremely embarrassed and ashamed. But he decided to ask for food in the nearest house at…


After he spends a few minutes practicing this and he knocked on the door of that house. Then a charming and sweet young girl opened the door and Paul could not remember what he attended to do.Paul getting nervous and not knowing what to do. He only asked for a glass of water instead of some food. But the girl decided the boy must be hungry and instead of water she offered him a glass of milk with a bun.

Then the boy embarrassed ate the bun and drank the milk and asked “How much do I owe you?” The girl smiled and said, “You do not owe me anything, my mother taught me to never ask for money”. Then Paul said “Thank you very much”

 After that he went to continue his work and he not only falls stronger but also he gets motivated by this girl to achieve his target. He dreamed to be a successful person and helping the people who needed his help.

After many years later the charming and sweet girl became seriously ill. Local doctors were confused because they had never seen this type of case before…

Then the best doctors have examined her but no one could understand the cause of the disease. The young doctor specialist Paul had to find out the reason first. When he saw the town of the patient had been brought from he decided to go and see the patient.

Paul could not believe his eyes, in front of him there was the sweet charming girl now she was no longer so young but still pretty. Then the doctor came to his room and decided to do anything possible to save women’s life.

After Paul went to his home and he has received a call from the hospital. The woman became much worse and she was barely hanging on. Doctors were able to save her life but she was still in danger at any movement she could die. But Paul could not lose this patient. He had to do everything possible to save her. When Paul was visiting her, she was connected to several machines and her skin was completely white and her heart was beating so slowly. A week pass but the patient conditions did not improve at all, Dr. Paul already about to lose his hopes because of every treatment the women did not get better at all. Paul decided it’s time to disconnect the life supporter machines. But before he does this he sat down next to her and said he knew how valuable her life and he also told her the incident that happened before a long time ago between them. At that time Paul saw the women move her finger. . It meant that there was a hope. She did not want to die either she wanted to live her whole hart. And she was not going to give up. Paul left from the room with a smile with his face. He could save her life… After a week passed head doctor of the hospital came up to Paul and told that he should disconnect the patient from the device because she could not be saved. Her chances of waking up were less than a percent and it is also a huge expense for the hospital…
story of the glass of milk

Dr. Paul tried asking the head doctor not to do this and give her a one last chance. Then the head doctor was agreed to give her a last chance for few days. Few days later a miracle was happened. After a long battle the women was won. Within two weeks the women recovered completely. When she was ready to go home.

Dr. Paul asked the staff to show him the bill for the treatments and it was so huge. Then Paul wrote something on the bill with hanging a slight smile on his face. One of the nurse give her the bill and the woman was afraid to look at the total amount of the money because she was not much rich and she was sure that she have to work rest of her life for pay this bill.

Finally she looked at the bill and she was amazed what had written at the end of the bill. “Paid by a glass of milk and a bun”. She could not believe this, the doctor who saved her life was that little boy who had knocked on her door and asked for a glass of water. Tears ran down from the women’s eyes. So it may seem insignificant but such an act of hers once changed a person’s life and motivated him to achieve his goal. If she not had help Paul at the difficult time perhaps he would have never become a doctor who saved her life.

“A single act of kindness can move mountains”


Kindness is the Backbone of Success

Just as violence often breeds more violence, kindness often leads to more kindness. Individuals such as Mother Teresa and Gandhi have had a huge impact on the world with their kindness.

Kind words to a person who is struggling to get success may result in confidence. There are many things in the world where we need kindness…

Does that kindness also give good results in the office?

In fact, it seems that it has also proved to be an excellent strategy for being hired. And then, not only gives excellent results in teamwork but also in relations between colleagues and in the direct relationship with your boss, provided that he is the first to be kind to his employees.

And also kindness makes you and others feel better.

Kindness not only improves your mood, but it also heals the mental illness of others. Being kind always makes us feel good. Doing well to others certainly makes us feel good. Gentleness expands our appearance and accessibility and at the same time softens our heart. It helps to brighten the planet we live on.

When you are gentle, your brain releases serotonin, or the good mood hormone, and automatically lowers the stress hormone cortisol. The effect on your health is extremely beneficial, and I wouldn’t be surprised if your immune system also benefits.

You will only give a positive impression of yourself, without making even a great effort. Greet, smile, say “thank you” and maybe give way to a woman or an elderly person. It doesn’t take long, does it?

Kindness is not something you will adapt but it has to be there within you when you express then only anything can happen

Everything you need to be kind

Only you need to have a big heart to be kind.



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